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From: Margie and George Parker <MandG -at-> Subject: Re: [WHITNEY-L] Peter Whitney - Rev. War Soldier Date: Tue, 16 Nov 1999 18:18:43 -0600 At 12:29 PM 11/16/99 -0500, you wrote: >WRG: Members Margie & George Parker might be able to tell us if I have >identified this soldier correctly with their Peter: > >Virgil D. White, Genealogical Abstracts of Revolutionary War >Pension Files, Volume III: N-Z (Waynesboro, Tennessee: The >National Historical Publishing Company, 1992), p. 3815. > >Peter, CT Line, S41330, he appl 6 Apr 1818 at Tunbridge in >Orange Co VT, in 1820 sol was aged 82, sol referred to his >family being sick during the Rev War but he did not give any >names > >WAS HE --> Peter-5 Whitney (Josiah-4, Josiah-3, Joshua-2, John-1) son of >Josiah and Mehitable (FULLER) Whitney, b. 10 Apr 1738 Willington, >Tolland County, Conn.; d. 19 Jun 1826 Tunbridge, Orange County, Vermont; >m. 21 Apr 1763 in Tolland, Tolland County, Connecticut Mercy CHASE. >??? > >I know there's not much to go on with this pension file, but the name, >age he was in 1820 and places point to him. > >;-) Jeanne > > > Yes, Jeanne, you have him more or less right. His wife's name is Mercy CASE (she descends from Richard Warren of Mayflower). There is no question he is son of Josiah Whitney and Mehitabel Fuller (niece of famous minister in Willington) and that Josiah is son of Josiah Whitney and Merriam. It is presumed that Merriam was a Barrett. Littleton MA records say that Merriam Barrett married Mr. Whitney. IT also has Josiah Whitney moving away. I have a family bible that belonged to Peter's son Jonathan. It says that Josiah (Sr) was born in Groton MA about 1688. Unfortuantely, the bible was printed in 1818, so there is some copying or oral transference of data here. Based on this and the reference in the Groton records that Josiah and Cornelius Whitney were among thos already gone (because of Indian war) in 1707, I feel that Josiah is a son of Joshua (2). Robert Ward feels that Josiah is son of Benjamin(2). I have the powder horn that Peter Whitney carried in the Revolution and also the French and Indian War. Also a small hand trunk that supposedly belonged to him. George Parker

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