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From: "Jeanne Muse" <jwmuse -at-> Subject: Re: [WHITNEY-L] Rev. Aron Whitney of Petersham. Date: Sat, 27 Nov 1999 07:38:17 -0500 Allan & WRG: Ruth Hubbard as the daughter of Jonathan and Rebecca (Brown) Hubbard makes alot more sense. I had her as the daug. of Jonathan & Hannah (Rice) Hubbard -- seemingly missing a generation since Hannah Rice (b. 1658) would have been in her late 50s when Ruth was born in circa 1716. According to my info, Ruth Hubbard was the 'widow of Rev. David Stearns' when she married Rev. Aaron Whitney on 6 Nov 1768, as his 2nd wife. She died at the age of 72 on 1 Nov 1788 and is buried in Keene, New Hampshire. The bibliography of the source Allan cited: Rev. Henry H. Sanderson, "History of Charlestown, New-Hampshire, The Old No. 4, Embracing the Part Borne by Its Inhabitants in the Indian, French and Revolutionary Wars, and the Vermont Controversy. Also, Genealogies and Sketches of Families from Its Settlement to 1876" (1876) It is available from the New England Historic and Genealogical Society in their lending library as Call No. F/44/C4/S2.

-) Jeanne
----- Original Message ----- From: <ALLAGREEN -at-> To: <WHITNEY-L -at-> Sent: Friday, November 26, 1999 11:34 PM Subject: [WHITNEY-L] Rev. Aron Whitney of Petersham. > > Dear WRG: > > I found this information on another maillist, contributed by Janice > Farnsworth. A check of the Petersham VR's shows an intent to marry of a Mrs. > Ruth Stearns of Lunenburg to a Rev. Aron Whitney of Petersham in Oct of 1768. > I do not know anything about the reliability of Rev. H. H. Saunderson, the > author. > > AEG > > Surname: HUBBARD > Source: History of Charlestown, NH, Fort No. 4 - by Rev. H.H.Saunderson > > p.4l6 > Capt. Jonathan Hubbard was desc. from John Hubbard > who came to Concord MA with Rev. John Jones abt l635. > > He removed from Concord MA to Glastenbury, CT thence > to Hadley MA thence to Hatfield where he d. l707. > > Jonathan Hubbard the 2d son of John Hubbard who in- > herited property from his uncle, Deacon Robert > Merriam of Concord, MA, m. Hannah Rice of Marlborough > MA and d. July l7,l728 aged 70. She d. Apr 9, l747 > aged 89 - both are buried at Concord, MA > > Major Jonathan Hubbard lst son of Jonathan and Hannah > (Rice) Hubbard m. Rebecca Brown and d. Apr 7, l76l. > > His wife d. Nov 2, l75l and both are buried at Town- > send, MA. Their children: > > l. Rebecca Hubbard m. Col. Joseph Blanchard of Dunstable. > 2. Hannah Hubbard m. Col. Josiah Willard lst of Lunen- > burg, MA then of Winchester, NH. > 3. Ruth Hubbard m. (l) Rev. Stearns of Lunenburg and (2) > Rev. Whitney of Petersham. > 4. Mary Hubbard m. (l) ___Jennison of Lunenburg m. (2) > Col. Benjamin Bellows, founder of Walpole. > 5. Jonathan Hubbard (see p.4l7) > 6. John Hubbard d. in infancy. > 7. John Hubbard 2d who was father of John Hubbard, Prof. > of Mathematics and Natural Philosophy at Dartmouth > College. >

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