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From: "Jeanne Muse" <jwmuse -at-> Subject: [WHITNEY-L] Vital Records Date: Sat, 27 Nov 1999 08:15:14 -0500 WRG (and Joan): I received the xerox copy of the Whitney pages from the Putney, Vermont VRs originally from Joan Hicks (not connected to any Whitneys but was very involved for many years helping others). When asking her this week about the availability of other New England vitals in her collection, she passed along some good information. Since we have not gotten our hands on many of the town vitals, keep your eyes peeled for any of the following while you are doing your research. If you cannot transcribe them yourself, ask for help. One of us would be thrilled to get them on our web site. BTW, notice her mention of the World Connect gedcom project on Rootsweb. Might be worth investigating further.

-) Jeanne
About Vermont, Joan wrote: > VT VR are all on one microfilm as the state (which holds copies of all towns, > hopefully) indexes them alphabetically by surname. I haven't checked in ages > but I THINK I have the Whitney film on indefinite at my FHC from way back > when. If so, I can copy them all for you. The film I have is earliest to 1870. Note: In a later message, she adds that they are on index cards, so she'll be copying them by hand, which I will transcribe. > There are two more VT series - 1870 - 1908 and then 1909 - 1941. There is > a set of the middle series up in Pittsfield, MA where I often go at least in > the good weather. The only place I've seen the 3rd set is at the VT archives > outside Montpelier. The FHL may also have both sets - I've never checked. > NEHGS-Boston may have them all also. They have been trying to complete their > New England and Canadian Maritime Province collection. Maybe one of your > Mass troops who live near Boston could check. Note: The only Vermont town transcribed on the web site so far is Putney. <a href=""></a> About New Hampshire she says: > NH VR have a similar index up to about 1905 but they have restricted access. > You have to go Concord to the State Dept of Health and copy them in person. Note: The only NH town we have transcribed so far is Keene. <a href=""></a> Regarding New York: > NY is impossible to approach in a bulk fashion. There are no centralized > records until 1880 and most towns didn't keep any until then. You just have > to plug along with church records and cemetery listings and the like. Note: We have NOTHING for New York. And on Maine: > A lot of early Maine has been published but I don't know if there are any > state centralized records until later 1800's. Note: Many of these are transcribed on the Whitney Web site, but we need more. See: <a href=""></a> for what we have and lack. Regarding Connecticut: > CT is easy up to 1850 - Barbour collection has all that are known to exist in > centralized index. After that you have to go to each town in person -- > State files are closed due to lack of budget. Note: We have the Barbour Collection (with index) and the towns of Ashford and Mansfield. Many more are needed for Connecticut. <a href=""></a> For Rhode Island: > Austin published most of RI. I believe there is also a centralized index for > later years but not sure on that one. Note: We have NOTHING for Rhode Island. > > Have you checked out Rootsweb's new WORLDCONNECT GEDCOM program ??-- It' s > awesome - unbelievably efficient, fast to search, and play with. You guys > might also want to post your GEDCOM over there. You have option to include > or not include note, sources, living people, etc. I've moved almost all my > Hicks info over there now -- only keeping the detailed index on FTM. <A > HREF="<a href=";>RootsWeb's">;>RootsWeb's</a> WorldConnect > GEDCOM Project</A> > > Happy Thanksgiving to you too. > > Joan > <A > HREF="<a href=""></a>- hicks" > >My RootsWeb Hicks/Hix GEDCOM</A> // <A > HREF="<a href=";>My">;>My</a> FTM > Hicks/Hix Home Page</A> // <A > HREF="<a href=""></a> ks-sta > f">My RootsWeb Stafford Gedcom</A> >

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