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From: Marie B. Sheldon<MarieBSheldon -at- > Subject: [WHITNEY-L] Whitney Lineage Date: Mon, 29 Nov 1999 21:15:01 -0500 (EST) Hello Group: I subscribed, then unsubscribed and now have much admiration for your work. Since I am still receiving your messages, thought I would take advantage and send my line of lineage for approval or disapproval as it may be. Sic: John -l m Elinor John -2 m Ruth Reynolds Shattuck Joshua -2 m Abigail Tarbell David - 3 m Elizabeth Warren Joshua -4 m Amy Blodgett Asa -3 (?) m Sarah Barnes Sarah m Elijah William Cobb Lydia E. Cobb m Thomas Davis Lydia Davis m Abram Butts Sarah Lydia Butts m Clay Knickerbocker Winnie Knick. m Willard Best Clara Best m Sylvester S. Whitaker Marie Whitaker m John Horton Sheldon Am pathologically new at this, as one of your members somewhat described a new recruit. Would appreciate your thoughts re above. In interim, happy holidays! Maie Whitaker Sheldon

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