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From: "Jeanne Muse" <jwmuse -at-> Subject: [WHITNEY-L] Re: New Whitney Cousin Date: Tue, 30 Nov 1999 07:35:19 -0500 Dear Carol: I have my own 'collection' of Whitneys, but the way to add your line to the 'official' Jon & Elinor database is to contact Jon Aston, who can guide you through the process. Write to Jon at MRJ79 -at- It's always nice to meet another Whitney cousin !

-) Jeanne W. Muse
jwmuse -at- - ------------------------------------- Genealogy - <a href=""></a> Games - <a href=""></a> Looking for Computer Games? <a href=""></a> When you need trophies, look here: The Awards Center Inc. - <a href=""></a> - ------------------------------------ ----- Original Message ----- From: <Loganradio -at-> To: <JWMUSE -at-> Sent: Monday, November 29, 1999 8:16 PM Subject: New Whitney Cousin > > Dear Jean: > > I understand that you collect data to add to the John Whitney family lineage. > One of my ancestors was Marshall Goodwin Whitney, who Robert informed me was > descended from John and Elinor. My family line follows: > > .John-1 WHITNEY m. Elinor _______ > ..John-2 WHITNEY m. Ruth REYNOLDS > ...Nathaniel-3 WHITNEY m. Sarah HAGAR > ....Nathaniel-4 WHITNEY m. Mercy ROBINSON > .....Joshua-5 WHITNEY m. Mehitable WILSON > ......Elisha-6 WHITNEY m. Esther CLARK > .......Elliot-7 WHITNEY m. Polly (Maria) GOODWIN > ........Marshall Goodwin-8 WHITNEY m. Louise VORPE > .........Emile Leopold-9 WHITNEY m. Harriet WILLEVER > ..........Neil Leo-10 WHITNEY m. Doris CLARK > (Note: Neil was born Emile Leopold, Jr. but legally changed his name) > ...........Nancy Jane-11 WHITNEY m. Francis X. BURKE > ............Carol Ann-12 BURKE m. William M. LOGAN > .............Heather C. LOGAN > .............Erin L. LOGAN > > > Heather and Erin are my children. Should I have added my siblings under my > parents instead? Please know that I'm a novice at genealogy, so if I haven't > done it correctly, I look forward to your guidance. > > Many thanks, > > Carol Burke Logan

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