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From: "R. Kyser" <sorryken -at-> Subject: [WHITNEY-L] Re: Whitney/Roosevelt connection Date: Tue, 30 Nov 1999 23:20:39 -0600 Good guess-- it was 1942. The lady was Betsey Cushing Roosevelt, daughter of a Boston doctor. He was divorced by his first wife, Mary Elizabeth Altemus, who was a Philadelphia Main Line girl. So Jock was "marrying up"-- the coast, that is. Cheers, Ron Kyser -----Original Message----- From: Ronald Whitney <ronwhitney -at-> To: WHITNEY-L -at- <WHITNEY-L -at-> Date: Tuesday, November 30, 1999 11:00 AM Subject: [WHITNEY-L] Whitney/Roosevelt connection >WRG > >Carol Logan posted a query about a Whitney/Rockefeller connection. I don't >know about that, but I did run across an Associated Press newspaper photo >captioned "Jock Whitney, Jimmy's 'Ex' Honeymooning in Georgia" Under the >picture it says, "MR. AND MRS. JOHN JAY WHITNEY, Ex wife of James Roosevelt >weds sportsman" I'm sorry to say that the name and date of the newspaper >is missing. Judging from her clothing I would guess the 1940's. On the >reverse a meeting at the Curtis Hotel in Minneapolis is mentioned >(unrelated to the photo) so one might assume it was a Minneapolis >newspaper. Also on the reverse was an ad for genuine Alligator ladies >shoes for $9.95. > >If anyone has need of a copy of the photograph let me know. > >Ron > >

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