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From: Shawn Whitney <cyberboone -at-> Subject: Re: [WHITNEY-L] micro by phone more Date: Tue, 01 Feb 2000 21:33:03 -0800 I'll even press fancy designs in the peanut butter ones. Shawn PS don't anyone send me anymore nasty notes about Joseph Smith. I 'm sorry already. Frances Whitney wrote: > Heh heh heh Gary how about if you just do all our research for us and we send you cookies! You owe me anyhow, for the stuff I gave you when we were in college all those years ago! > > frances > xoxoox > > Gary Wallace wrote: > > > I found one can order census films as film from several sources. One is, they also have them digitally scanned on CD Roms. Also National Archives will sell or rent Census reels. Also > > We have had reasonable success using a Micron Brand XL-20 microfiche reader for films. Fiche readers are often gathering dust in the back rooms of offices banks etc, and can be had cheap. We can read 16mm films with the high power lens. However the image is sideways. I took it apart and there is a back access (maybe) for a film giving horizontal image. We really need a film winder etc but for now spin them on a pencil. (Anything to get out of driveing a whole mile to a library with our 3 year old!) > > It looks like there are several sources for the Census. I want to do lots of other films. The key thing is the indexing. There are excellant indexes to US data but they are now owned by Broderbund etc. I wonder what else is out there. > > This E-mailing images only works if one can request a specific page.(s), otherwise it's cheaper to get the whole reel. I'm not > > planning on starting a business, just getting the right technology together. > > As far as the LDS Church losing business they're not in if for the money. For example PAF 4.0 is downloadable free with 200 page manual at (go to "order resources" or similar language)Thanks for replys! Gary

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