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From: Tim Doyle <tdoyle -at-> Subject: [WHITNEY-L] Maine Probate Abstracts Volume 1 1687 - 1775 Date: Sat, 05 Feb 2000 12:07:34 -0600 Frost, John Eldridge, Maine Probate Abstracts Volume 1 1687 - 1775 (Camden Maine: Picton Press, 1991) [Page 84, York County Volume 3] 3/36. TIMOTHY HODGDON, of York. Inv (3.27). F9600. Inv of the est of Timothy Hodgdon, late of York, decd, ret 5 Aug 1719, by Abraham Preble, Nathaniel Whitney & Joshua Lassell, at L50; ext att 6 Oct 1719, by Edward Beale, admor, & val by the apprs. Inv incl 30 a of land [descr] on SW side of York River where he now lives, at L50. [Page 394, York County Volume 8] 8/445. RICHARD ADAMS, of York. Inv (8.261). F143. Addl inv of the est of Richard Adams recd by his late wid Hepzibah Adams, now Whitney, from Roger Dearing of Kittery, L30, & from fr. Adams 7 guineas which my late husb pd for his s in Great Britain, ext 31 Mar 1755. [Page 493, York County Volume 10] 10/153. ABEL WHITNEY, of Gorhamtown. LA (10.110). F20297. LA gr Falmouth, 1 Oct 1759, to Nathaniel Whitney, yeoman, & Mary Whitney, wid, both of Gorhamtown, of the est of Abel Whitney, late of Gorhamtown, decd int, with t&p inv exh at or bef 1 Jan next, & a p&t acct at or bef 1 Oct 1760. [Page 512, York County Volume 10] 10/277. ABEL WHITNEY, of Gorham Town. Inv (10.194). F20297. Inv of the est of Abel Whitney of Gorham Town, decd, ret Gorham Town, 19 Mar 1760, by Bryant Morton & Barnabas Bangs, at [0 tot]; ext att 6 Oct 1760, by Nathaniel Whitney & Mary Whitney, admors. Inv incl a house & 4 a of land in York, at L26 & a house & 30 a of land in Gorham Town, at L40. [Page 523-524, York County Volume 10] 10/345. JOHN JONES, of Scarborough. Accts (10.230) & proceeding thereon. F10476. William Jones' acct of costs & disbs as admor of the est of John Jones, late of Scarborough, decd, totalling L567/7/4. Incl payment to William Jones for taking care of himself & his farm for more than 20 yrs. Ct orders, York, 1 Jan 1759, that the heirs of the est of John Jones be served with a copy of the above acct & have an opportunity to make objections on 1st Mon of Apr next. William Jones' acct of adm of the est of John Jones, late of Scarborough, decd, having been cont to this term so that the heirs of the decd have opportunity to make objections, the sd admor now appearing, York, 5 Jan 1761, & James Jones, Samuel Jones & Nathaniel Whitney [in the right of his w Sarah], chn & heirs of John also appearing & agree to refer disputed articles on taking care of the decd & his farm 20 yrs to the determination of James Milk & John Thomes of Falmouth & William Hasty of Scarborough to hear the sd parties & make a report at the next term with the judge's decree accordingly. James Milk, John Thomes & William Hasty award, Falmouth, 12 Mar 1761, to William Jones L254 for the time he lived wit his fr after he was 21 till his fr's decease, he paying the referms for their services 28/ ea & charging same to the est. Ct orders, York, 27 Apr 1761, L301/8/2 be deducted & William Jones all L254, as above, & also L11/9/2 in full discharge. At same ct heirs of John Jones appeal to Governor & Council & give bond to appeal the same, James Jones & Nathaniel Whitney as principal, Alexander Gray & Moses Foster as sureties, & Allow themselves holden to William Jones for L40 in prosecuting their appeal. [Page 524, York County Volume 10] 10/350. ABEL WHITNEY, of Gorhamtown. Accts (10.234). F20297. Nathaniel & Mary Whitney's acct as admors of the est of Abel Whitney, late of Gorham- town, decd: inv pers est L34/13/7, costs, & disbs L7/10/10, credits L47/0/3, wid's necs L16/2/4. Att & all, York, 27 Apr 1761, L30/8/4. Acct incl maintaining Micha Whitney, a minor under 7, till she arrive at age 7. [Page 530, York County Volume 10] 10/381. RICHARD ADAMS, of York. Gdnship (10.252). Fcf142. Jonathan Sayward's acct of costs & disbs as gdn of Richard Adams, made for Hephzibah Whitney, mr of sd Richard Adams, totalling L20; att & all, York, 14 July 1761. Acct incl item "to funeral Charges for Daughter" [i.e., sr of Richard Adams]. [Page 540, York County Volume 11] 11/10. JOHN RIDLON, of Narragansett #1. Inv (11.5). F16066. Inv of the est of John Ridlon, late of Narragansett #1, exh Biddeford, 17 Dec 1761, by Tristram Jordan, Isaac Whitney & Timothy Hassaltine, real est, at L54 & pers est at L18/13/6, L.M.; att Biddeford, 4 Jan 1762, by Capt. Tristram Jordan, Isaac Whitney & Timothy Hassaltine. Inv incl 20 a home lot, at L36/13/4, 20 a of land in a 2nd Div., at L6/13/4, 1/2 a right. of undivided land, at L6/13/4, 1/3 a right of undivided land, at L4. [Page 568, York County Volume 11] 11/166. JOSEPH DYER, of Biddeford. Will (11.100). LT (11.101). F4896. Joseph Dyer, of Biddeford, Gent, being weak & infirm of body, devises, 14 Dec 1763: To my w Hepzibah improvement of my est real & pers for life, the use of my chair horse & riding chair. To my s Joseph Dyer 30 a of land at the SW end of my farm at Newtown & the barn standing thereon, which tract I bought of James Miller of London Derry, + 1/2 my interest in the saw Mill at the Falls called Gooch's Mill + 1/2 the tract I purch of Nathaniel Ladd of Biddeford, which is a part of Pattershall's Rights up Saco River, + a yoke of oxen + 5 a of salt marsh at Little River, which I bought of Nathaniel Whitney in partnership with Samuel Haley. [continues, but with no further mention of Whitneys - TD] [Page 569, York County Volume 11] 11/168. WILLIAM BERRY, of Biddeford. (11.103). F1103. Richard Berry's addl acct of costs & disbs as admor de bonis non of the est of William Berry, late of Biddeford, yeoman, deed, totalling L279/15/3 1/4, & charges, hiself with the inv pers est of L52/15/7 & real est sold, at L405/18/11; acct dated 29 Nov 1763; all, with William Berry further accountable for the balance of L126/3/7. Acct Incl 1/24 of Indian Island with the Saco Mill thereon sold to Isaac Whitney for L150/5/0, O.T., at L20/0/8. 1/16 of the saw mill & 1/32 of a grist mill sold to Robert Patterson for L476/5/0, O.T., at L63/10/0. 54 a of the homestead with the house & barn sold to James Berry, at L219/12/0, 39 1/2 a at Long Reach sold to James Berry, at L50/0/8. [Page 575, York County Volume 11] 11/210. JOSEPH DYER, of Biddeford. Inv (11.123). F4896. ... ext att 3 April 1764 ... 25 a purch of Nathaniel Whitney, at L40, ... [Page 579, York County Volume 11] 11/231. ABEL WHITNEY, of Gorhamtown. Commn to div est (11.136). Div (11.136). Decree (11.136). Receipts (11.137). F20297. Whereas Nathaniel Whitney & Mary Crocket (late Mary Whitney), admors of the est of Abel Whitney, late of Gorhamtown, decd int, have made up their acct & applic has been made for a div, ct appts 27 Feb 1764, Capt. Bryant Norton, Benjamin Skillens, Barnabas Bangs, Wentworth Stewart & George Hanscom, all of Gorhamtown, to make a div. Div by commn: To Mary Crocket late wid of Abel Whitney of Gorhamtown, decd int, her dower; commn finds a 30 a lot #17 on the Propnietors' Plan & a house on the same & gives to the wid 11 a on the E end of the above lot (descr). Having viewed the premises ct finds it will not accomodate more than one son; having given & been refused to the two eld it goes to Joel, 3rd s: 43 a of land val at L41/6/8 & 2/3 of a house at L5/6/8 which is all of the decd's est that can be found; all by ct 1 June 1764 with Joel Whitney paying to the eld s Moses L6/13/4, & to Joseph, Mary, Lydia, Zebulon, Joanna, Naphtali, Micah, Daniel, Paul & Deborah Whitney, or their legal representatives, L3/6/8, ea. Moses Whitney of Gorhamtown ack receipt, 19 April 1764, from Joel Whitney of L8 being his, full share in the first div of Abel Whitney's est. Joseph Whitney of Gorhamtown ack receipt, 30 May 1764, from Joel Whitney of L4 as his share of the first div of the est of Abel Whitney. [Page 580-581, York County Volume 11] 11/242. JOSEPH DYER, of Biddeford. ... + 19 a purch of Nathaniel Whitney (Desc; S of Little River Marshes) with 1/2 of a barn in partnership with Samuel Haley & adj to the sd land ... + 8 a purch of Nathaniel Whitney called Leightons Neck ... All, York, 9 July 1764. [Page 594, York County Volume 11] 11/315. ABEL WHITNEY, or Gorham. Receipt (11.193). F20297. Samuel Whitmore & Mary, his w, of Gorham's receipt to Joel Whitney of Gorham for L3/12/0, 23 Jan 1765, being their share in the est of Abel Whitney, late of Gorham, decd. Wits: Amos Whitney, Zebulon Whitney. [Page 703, York County Volume 12] 12/460. JOHN JONES, of Scarborough. Memorial of the heirs (12.257). Decree (12.258). F10476. LA on the est of John Jones, late of Scarborough, decd, were gr by the previous Justice to William Jones of Scarborough, one of the sons. William exh an Inv, 27 Dec 1758, & in Jan 1759 exh an acct of adm charging L555/8/2 for care of his fr; upon the objection of the other heirs that article was referred. The Judge accepted the report, all the admor L254, & the heirs appealed but through ignorance omitted to file reasons of appeal so could not prosecute it. The admor filed a complaint bef the Supreme Ct of Probate for affirmation of the decree, but it never was affirmed, so petitioners now appeal to justice to act as though nothing had been done since they can demonstrate that William Jones, admor, received more benefit from living on intestate's est while living than he expended towards his support so the item is unjust. Sd William has ever since recd the whole profits from the est & sold a part thereof whereby the petitioners are injured, & so James Jones, John Jones & Nathaniel Whitney as heirs request, 3 Mar 1773, a complete review of the adm. At Biddeford, 11 Oct 1773, it appears that admor has had income for 15 yrs & he is ordered to pay the heirs L95/13/7, div equally exc 2 shares to eld s. [Page 708, York County Volume 12] 12/485. JOHN JONES, of Scarborough. Est div (12.270). F10476. Whereas the heirs of John Jones, late of Scarborough, decd int, have apl for a div of the real est of the sd intestate [adm having been gr thereon in this county on or about the year 1758], ct appts 11 Oct 1773, John Libby, John Skilling & David Stout to make a div. Commn div, est, Scarborough, 25 Dec 1773: to John Jones, s of the decd, 10 a for his share of the homestead's upland [descr]; to the heirs of Mary Libby, decd, a dau of the decd, 11 1/2 a for her share of the homestead's upland [descr]; to Hannah Jones, dau of the decd, 11 1/2 a for her share of the homestead's upland [descr]; to Abigail Jones, dau of the decd, 14 a for her share of the homestead's upland [descr]; to Sarah Whitney, dau of the decd, 13 1/4 a for her share of the homestead's upland [descr]; to James Jones, eld s of the decd, 26 acres for his double shares of the homestead's upland [descr]; to Samuel Jones, s of the decd, 8 a touching the river for his share of the homestead's upland [descr]. In a div of the marsh: (1) to John Jones, 3 1/2 a, (2) to Elizabeth Staple 5 1/2 a, (3) to the heirs of Mary Libby 5 1/2 a, (4) to Hannah Jones, 3 & 3/4 a, (5) to William Jones, 3 1/2 a, (6) to Abigail Jones, 3 1/2 a, (7) to Sarah Whitney 2 1/2 a, (8) to Samuel Jones, 2 1/2 a, (9) to James Jones, 7 a. In a div of the house & barn: W half of house & E end of barn to James [2 share], John, Samuel & Sarah; E half of house & W end of barn to heirs of Mary + William, Elizabeth, Abigail & Hannah. All, York, 3 Jan 1774. [Page 716, York County Volume 12] 12/522. JOSEPH HOLT, of York. ... 12 Apr 1758 ... Wits: Samuel Sewall, Nathaniel Whitney, Daniel Merritt, above being present for probate by Joseph Holt, the other exor being decd, on 6 June 1774, Samuel Sewall, Esq., testified that he was well acquainted with Elder Joseph Holt, decd, & lived nr him, that Samuel Sewall, Esq., has been dead some yrs, that Whitney d some yrs. since ... Prob 8 June 1774. - -------------------------------------------------------------- Tim Doyle <a href=""></a> tdoyle -at- <a href=""></a>

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