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From: <Okpmj -at-> Subject: [WHITNEY-L] A Belated Thank You and related information Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2000 14:48:58 EST To WRG, Betty Weatherly and Robert L. Ward: In a message dated 01/21/2000, (partially copied here), Betty Weatherly wrote: I> >I checked out a book on interlibrary loan called "A History of Brooklyn, > >Susquehanna Co., Penn'a" by E. A. Weston. This is what I have found. > > >Pg. 115 Ebenezer Whitney bought this farm together with the Sampson lot, > >directly from the state. He came here from Vt. in 1800, living first > >______. His 1st wife wife was Elizabeth Eaton, and their children, Roswell, > >Triphena (Mrs. Titus), and Orangewho died west. His 2d wife was Sally > >Pratt and their children, Isaac, Ebenezer, Amarilla (Mrs. Maxon), David, > >Ephraim, and Reuben. Then on 01/23/2000, (again the message is partially copied) Robert L. Ward replied: > This is great, Betty! This apparently resolves the problem of which > Ebenezer WHITNEY married Rachel Parne RAWSON in 1786 in Montague, MA, and > which one moved to VT and then PA. > > Ebenezer-6 WHITNEY, son of Zachariah-5 and Sarah (STANTON) WHITNEY > [Zachariah-4, Ebenezer-3, Richard-2, John-1], b. 28 May 1762, Mansfield, > CT, was the one who married firstly, 28 Dec 1786, Montague, MA, Rachel > Parne RAWSON, married secondly, 21 Feb 1821, Montague, MA, Mrs. Lovina > POTTER, and d. 31 Mar 1855, Montague, MA. > > His first cousin, Ebenezer-6 WHITNEY, son of Ephraim-5 and Rhoda (-----) > WHITNEY [Zachariah-4, Ebenezer-3, Richard-2, John-1], b. 24 Nov 1764, > Montague, MA, married firstly Elizabeth EATON, married secondly Sally > PRATT, lived first in Windhall, VT, and then moved to Susquehannah Co., > PA. This is established by the records you supplied above. First, my belated thanks to both Betty and Robert for the work in resolving the puzzle of the two Ebenezer Whitneys, and the link that finally connected Ebenezer and Elizabeth Eaton Whitney and their descendants to John-1. In Betty's message, pg. 115, Orange Whitney, son of Ebenezer and Elizabeth Eaton Whitney is mentioned as having "died west." Orange(Sr.) was my ggg grandfather and in this case "west" was Chautauqua County, New York. He died August 6 or 8, 1860, and he and his wife Clarissa Swetland, who died 23 Jan., 1855, are both buried in the Sherman Cemetery at Sherman, NY, as are a total of 18 Whitneys including some of Orange and Clarissa's children. Luckily, this cemetery is on line. The index can be found at:<a href=""></a>; then click on the "Cemetery" link and the "Sherman2.html" link for the N-Z portion of the Sherman Cemetery. There are also Whitneys in the Mina Cemetery which is also on line. I have not checked the other listed cemeteries for more Whitneys. With the link finally established back to John Whitney-1, my line is: 1-John Whitney m. Elinor 2-Richard Whitney m. Martha Coldham 3-Ebenezer Whitney m. Anna (---------) 4-Zachariah Whitney m. Ruth Taylor 5-Ephraim Whitney m. Rhoda Tayler(sic) taken from Bible records 6-Ebenezer Whitney m. Elizabeth Eaton 7-Orange Whitney m. Clarissa Swetland 8-Laurancy Whitney m. David Barrett ...Marcia Barrett m. Moses Miles Ferrin ......William Myron Ferrin m. Alma Mae Sutter .........Donna Margaret Ferrin m. Rolland Irwin Smith ............Phyllis Mae Smith m. Lee Ralph Jensen Is it possible for my family to be placed with the John Whitney Family also? I plan to post more information on Orange and Clarissa's descendants after tax time. Many thanks to all for the hard work. Sincerely, Phyllis Smith Jensen, Bowie, Maryland E-mail:okpmj -at-

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