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Mailing List Archives > 2000-03-21 01, Re: Listing Of Whitneys in book about Yates County, NY, by Shawn Whitney

From: Shawn Whitney <cyberboone -at-> Subject: Re: [WHITNEY-L] Listing Of Whitneys in book about Yates County, NY Date: Tue, 21 Mar 2000 12:16:21 -0800 References: <007901bf92cd$80cf8d60$2ee28ad1@jeanluc> Many of the WHITNEY's who are listed here, actually lived in Ontario County which is due North of Yates. One of the WHITNEY wives, Ann SHEARMAN WHITNEY (wife of Ami Jr- 7 WHITNEY) was from Yates County and I had to do extensive research to dig her up. Penn Yan, the county seat of Yates, was a thriving fruit processing center in the 1800s. The trains ran from Penn Yan directly North to Seneca Township of Ontario where there were hundreds of WHITNEYs. Most of these descended from Capt Jonathan - 5 (Jonathan4, Jonathan3, Benjamin2, Johnn1) Thanks Sheila. Where did you get the copy of Cleveland's History of Yates? I have never actually seen a copy. Even when I was in Penn Yan. But I joined their Historical Society and understand that probably next year they are planning a reprint of the book. I told them its probably already being done by one of the big book companys, just like Pierce. Penn Yan is a VEry interesting place. If you don't have a life, like me!!! Shawn Whitney Lifeless in Seattle sheila peel wrote: > These individuals are listed in Stafford Canning Cleveland History & > Directory of Yates County NY (1873). I was very surprised to see this many > Whitneys in one small location. Yates county is the smallest county in New > York State. The list is from the Yates County site at: > <a href=""></a> The site has been a great > research tool for me and I hope that it may help someone else as well. > Extremely well documented! > > Sheila Stratton-Peel > > Name Page number (s) > Whitney, Barden 193 > Whitney, C. T. 1109 > Whitney, Catharine (Parker) 119 > Whitney, Celinda (Cowing) 550 > Whitney, David [Dr.] 131 > Whitney, Dolly 342 > Whitney, Dolly (Barden) 192-93 > Whitney, Emma 193 > Whitney, Esther (_______) 119 > Whitney, Fisher 379, 384 > Whitney, George 193 > Whitney, Harriet N. (Barnes) 1009-10 > Whitney, Isaac 353, 384, 624 > Whitney, Jacob 176 > Whitney, James 119, 379 > Whitney, Jane 193 > Whitney, Jonas 119 > Whitney, Joseph 365 > Whitney, Levi M. 193 > Whitney, Otis 1010 > Whitney, Parkhurst [Gen.] 550 > Whitney, Patty 379 > Whitney, Patty/Polly (Watkins) 379, 384 > Whitney, Ruth A. 986 > Whitney, Sarah 131 > > Researching Family surnames: STRATTON, WHITNEY, > RUGG, INGRAHAM, CORWIN, BROCKWAY, > and, of course, PEEL and many more. > Take a look at my family history file! > <a href=""></a>

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