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From: ALLAGREEN -at- Subject: [WHITNEY-L] For Charlie Gerrish Date: Wed, 24 May 2000 07:02:48 EDT Dear Charlie: I have a list of e-mail addresses for the whole Whitney list, but can't figure out which one is yours. So, I have to send you this further material on the Dent family through the list. I'm still searching for a marriage for Hatch Dent, Sr., but still have not found it. I think it is clear that he is from Charles County, but the only Dent men I can find in Charles County in the first volume of the Barnes collected marriages are: Hezekiah, 9 Nov 1769, Catherine Poston, 1-CH-199 Hezekiah, 13 Feb 1774, Martha Burch, 1-CH-204 John, 3 Feb 1757, Margaret Dyson, 1-CH-194 William, 8 Feb 1684, Elizabeth Fowke, dau. of Mrs. Anne Fowke of Port tobacco, 3-CH In the second volume, in Charles County, I found: (?) Dent, 18 Dec 1781, Mary Ann Hancock, 2-CH-235 Hatch, son of Hatch, 17 Dec 1778, Judith Poston, 1-CH-204 I also found a number of marriages for Hatch women in Charles County, which I will send you if you want. I have just about exhausted the resources that I can tap either on line or in the Salisbury Library. Any further digging would, I think, need a visit to Charles County itself. I'm sorry I couldn't find the one you asked for, but hope the collection of Dent material was somewhat helpful. Sincerely, Allan E. Green

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