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From: Lilwof -at- Subject: [WHITNEY-L] Whitney's of North Carolina Date: Tue, 13 Jun 2000 19:14:00 EDT This is Karen in Bellingham, WA. I am researching a Whitney Line in NC. I have a Nancy Whitney who married Elijah Jackson in Burke, NC 1828. I found a Ransom Whitney in Burke and Lincoln and Randolph on the census of NC, this located of course on The Whitney Research Page. I feel that Ransom was probably Nancy's father. The marriage of course is the only documented proof that I have at this time. The Burke census was within a couple of years that Nancy married Elijah. If you can direct me to any information I would be so grateful. I have not been able to find anything else on this family line. I do know that they had two son's. James H. Jackson born in Burke, NC 1830 and another son John A. Jackson born somewhere in KY. I assume that the middle name of John could have been Amos, as this middle name was passed down through the Jackson men. Therefore I am assuming that Amos was one of the Jackson men in NC, of which I have found an Amos on the Burke census.

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