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From: whitney -at- (W. WHITNEY) Subject: [WHITNEY-L] James Whitney Date: Sun, 25 Jun 2000 20:26:06 +0100 Re: Paul Nichols' posting on James Whitney - His Line:- Henry Whitney m. Unknown Unknown John Whitney m. Elizabeth Smith Joseph Whitney m. Hannah Hoyt Abraham Whitney m. Anne Plumb Samuel Whitney m Anne Guire James Whitney m Henrietta Alexis Williams James and Henrietta had 3 children:- James T. W. 1828 - 10 Sep. 1828 Fenwick K. 1831- 8 Aug. 1847 Charlotte Gibbons 20 Sep. 1839-22 Jan 1860 m. Dr. Watkin Owen Pell Smith Note to Paul - "Saint John" must always be spelled out, never "St.John" and it's in New Brunswick not Nova Scotia. Bill Whitney

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