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From: "Glenn Barnett" <gbarnett -at-> Subject: [WHITNEY-L] Whitney article Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2000 17:00:15 -0500 Hello...I found this in the SiouxCity Journal - Date, November 3. 1893. WHITNEY OUT OF POLITICS Somewhat Annoyed At An Honor Tammany Has Thrust Upon Him New York, Nov. 3 - Ex Secretary Wm. C Whitney has discovered a few days ago that his name had been placed on the democratic ticket as a delegate to the convention which is to revise the state constitution. Mr Whitney was nominated by the recent Tammany convention without his knowledge and was greatly surprised when he learned of the honor which had been conferred opun him. He had refused the nomination a week before the convention was called to nominate delegates, fgven the reason that the duties of a father weighed heavily upon him because of the death of his wife and that his business interests were such as to prevent him from serving the state properly. Mr Whitneyis not particularly pleased, therefore, at the knowledge that in spite of his protestations he has been nominated for so important a place. It is too late now to withdraw and the only remedy he has is to resign, if elected, which he surely will do. This will entail a new election and great expense. Mr Whitney said, however, that he would resign even if he had to pay the expenses of a new election himself. "My reason for not wishing to run," said Mr Whitney, "is that I am out of politics and wish to stay out. It is a time in the education of my children when I desire to be near them. Business requires my attention also and I don't feel that I can give up the summer to attend a convention. I don't see what I could do though." "Are you taking an active interest in the present campaign, or do you expect to?" "No; I am out of politics and don't intend to enter again. I am doing nothing now." "Your opinion as to the ticket headed by Judge Maynard and the outcome of the campaign has not been given to the public, has it, Mr Whitney?" "I am out of politics," was his reply.

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