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From: "vttrails" <vttrails -at-> Subject: [WHITNEY-L] Whitneys of MA & VT Date: Fri, 11 Aug 2000 21:50:21 -0400 > I've been subscribing to WRG for about 2 years now. First of all I'd like > to express my thanks to the founders and to all the members for the website > and for wealth of resources and information it has provided me with. I > wouldn't have been able to come as far in tracing my family tree as I have > in these last 2 years without the group and everyone's help. Thanks so much > everyone!! > > > > My Whitney line is as follows: > > > > John & Elinor...who came from England in 1635 to Watertown,Mass. > > Jonathan & Lydia (Jones) > > Joseph & Rebecca (Barge / Burge?) > > Joseph & Abagail (Nutting) > > Lieut. Benjamin & Mary (Turner) > > Abel & Phoebe (Scott) .... who came from Pepperell,Mass. to > Tunbridge,Vermont > > Joseph & Caroline (Pierce) > > James Pierce Whitney & Rosina Goodell > > Zina Mae/May Whitney & John Edward Jones > > Edith Myrtle Jones & Luman Osborne > > Patricia Ann Osborne & Raymond parents > > > > I recently visited Watertown, Mass. and the public library where I found > lots of information on the Whitneys as well as other families that I'm a > descendant of that married into the Whitney family. One of the books that > the library in Watertown had was a book by Dr. Henry Bond and I was able to > borrow it on interlibrary loan through the library of the University of > Vermont. (I live in northern Vermont). This book is invaluable and I > strongly suggest if you're looking for Whitneys or any other surname that > settled in this area that you try to get hold of Bond's book! > > > > I would like to correspond with descendants of John & Elinor and all > others in my line especially persons in Vermont who are descendants like > myself. I also am trying to locate exactly where John and Elinor Whitney are > buried in Watertown, Mass. I have it narrowed down to possibly one of two > sites. If anyone could point me in the right direction on this I'd be > indebted to you.( Also I'm looking for Lewis and Ann/Anna (Stone) Jones > parents of Lydia Jones and Simon and Joan (Clark?) Stone Lydia's > Grandparents as they're reported to be buried in Watertown too. I'm also > trying to locate gravesites and homesteads of my VT. Whitneys. In addition > if anyone has any information on the women who married the Whitney men in my > line I would appreciate anything you can tell me. > > > > Again many thanks to everyone in WRG!!!! > > > > Noreen LaTour

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