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From: janwhit -at- (Jan Whitaker) Subject: [WHITNEY-L] New Brunswick Whitneys Date: Sat, 12 Aug 2000 18:06:52 -0500 Dear WRG's, Here are some more New Brunswick records and their sources. Cheers! Jan "Early Marriage Records of New Brunswick Saint John City & County from the British Conquest to 1839" Edited by B. Wood-Holt, Holland House Inc., Saint John New Brunswick Canada, 1986 1816, 23 July, WHITNEY, HENRY P. & Mary Brundage, both of Saint John, Witnesses: Mr. Witney, J. Brundage, Junr. 1816, 1 Sept. WHITNEY, CHARLES & Sarah Harding, both of Saint John, Witnesses: William J Gaynor, James Whitney. " Royal Gazette & New Brunswick Advertiser", the following were published in both of these newspapers: 1811, 24 June, Thurs. evening by The Rev. Dr. Byles, Mr. SAMUEL WHITNEY, merchant to Mrs. Margaret Ambrose. 1811, 8 July Thurs. the 27th ult. by the Rev. Dr. Byles, Mr. EBENEZER WHITNEY, of the parish of Ne.[this would be Newcastle, as Nelson wasn't formed until 1814] County of Northumberland, to Miss Charlotte Parker of King's Clear, in the County of York. Anglican Trinity Church 1825-1828 1826, 2 Feb. WHITNEY, JAMES & Henrietta Alexis Williams, both of Saint John, Witnesses: A. Crookshank, T. Smith. SYLVANUS WHITNEY owned a pew at St John's Chapel of Saint John's Trinity Church in 1804. His Majesty's Magistrate for Saint John City & County, SILVANUS WHITNEY ESQ Justice of the Quoram who was a first Warden of St. John's Chapel-of-Ease in Carleton.

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