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From: "Robert L. Ward" <rlward1 -at-> Subject: Re: [WHITNEY-L] Database confusion Date: Tue, 12 Sep 2000 21:24:04 -0400 In-Reply-To: <> At 11:04 AM 9/12/00 -0400, you wrote: >Hi WRG > >Once again I am reviewing information on the WRG database (Witney14) as it >applies to my own family database. >I came across another discrepancy that is very confusing. Possibly the >submitters can back up their info or there is another source that will >clarify. > >BLODGETT (or Blodget) b. Feb 17, 1722/23 Plainfield, CT; d. Dec 24, 1819 >Canaan, CT >married 1743 in Plainfield, CT >WHITNEY, Joshua > >However - WHICH Johsua? >Was it the one born Nov 1, 1714 Groton, MA son of William and Lydia (Perham) >Whitney >or was it the one born Oct 11, 1718 Plainfield, CT to David and Elizabeth >(Warren) Whitney? > >There are no sources cited that are helpful in determining which is correct. >Admittedly it makes more sense for it to be the son of David and Elizabeth >given the circumstances, but that certainly is not definitive. > >Does anyone have a source which will tell us which one it was? I find >nothing in the Archives or via a search of the WRG site. > >Thanks for your help in sorting this out. > >Jo Hogle > This mess is discussed and partially straightened out by David W. Dumas, "BACON-ADAMS-WHITNEY-KINGSBURY Family Record," _New England Historical and Genealogical Register_, vol. 138 (1984), pp. 32-38, especially pp. 35-37. He refers to an earlier article by Francis Bacon Trowbridge which may be found at <<a href=""></a>;. Joshua-4 WHITNEY [David-3, Joshua-2, John-1], b. either 11 Oct 1718 or 2 Oct 1720, was the one who married on 8 Apr 1743, Amy BLODGETT. Their nine children were born in Plainfield, CT: Abigail, Mary, Huldah, Joshua, Josiah, Huldah, David, Elizabeth Sarah, and Amy. Joshua-4 WHITNEY [William-3, Joshua-2, John-1], b. 1 Nov 1714, married someone named Anne, whom Pierce calls Anne BLODGETT, ca. 1734, and had six children born in Preston and Tolland, CT: Abigail, Lydia, Lucy, Timothy, Asa, and Joshua. Possibly this was the Anne BLODGETT, daughter of Thomas and Mary (DRUSE) BLODGETT, b. 9 May 1714, Chelmsford, MA, but I have no information to confirm or refute this suggestion. There was also Joshua-4 WHITNEY [Cornelius-3, Joshua-2, John-1], b. 1 Dec 1724, Groton, MA, whose wife's name is unknown. He lived first in Killingly, CT, and then in Hancock, MA, and is alleged to have had the following eight children, b. 1753-1769: Joseph, Benjamin, Matthias, Cornelius, Joshua, Isaac, Ruth, and Joanna. No records of their birth dates have been found. These three first cousins are often confused. I believe what I have written about the first two is correct, and what I have written about the third is the result of a process of elimination. Obviously Pierce is very confused about this matter! Regards, Robert Robert L. Ward WHITNEY Research Group <<a href=""></a>;

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