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Mailing List Archives > 2000-09-18 04, Descendants of Alfred Whitney & Phoebe Hammond (Whitney) 1810-1865 - Catskill NY area, by Russ Whitney

From: Russ Whitney <wins -at-> Subject: [WHITNEY-L] Descendants of Alfred Whitney & Phoebe Hammond (Whitney) 1810-1865 - Catskill NY area Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2000 05:59:10 -0400 Connelly, This document you sent me is incredible ! What a time saver this is for me. And,,,, I now know who the heck I am and where my family is from ! Amazing. You did not send me any info on you though... Did you get my email with the questions ? Ie: Where do you live? How old are you? Why are you doing so much work on the Whitney lineage ? Do you know other Whitneys from our family? Are there still many Whitneys in the Halcott, Westkill area? Also, I'd love to talk to you via phone, if possible. I'd be happy to call you or send you my phone number. I have an 800 # into my home and to my office so a call would not cost you anything. I talked to Carl Nelson, my uncle tonight. He was married to Lynn Whitney (Nelson by marriage). Aunt Lynn (Whitney) Nelson was my Father's sister (Russell Walter born 1931) Also I notice on the history you sent me, there is no info on my father as far as being alive or not. My father, Russell Walter Whitney (son of Russell B - postman and chicken farmer from Westkill, I believe) died on October 1, 1970. He died in Redbank, N. J. and is buried in Navesink, N. J. However, I am probably going to have his grave moved to the Westkill or Halcott area, so he can be with Whitneys. He had no one in N. J. and he died when I was only 14 years old, so there wasn't much I could do about it then. Now I have the means to get him at rest. My father, Russell Walter Whitney, had one son,,,,me. I am Russell Andrew Whitney, 44 years old. I have one son, 19 years old. I named him after my father. My son is Russell Walter Whitney. I have one daughter named Thea Whitney. She is 19 years old. We all live in Cape Coral, Florida. However, as I said, I plan to come up to the Westkill, Halcott area in the next month or so. I am considering buying some land,,,,,,and if possible, perhaps any house or farm that my family may have owned. I would like to turn it into a Whitney Camp and Museum for Whitney history. This way no Whitney from here on, will ever have to wonder or search for their history, roots and family. So, do you live in this Halcott, Weskill area? ............I grew up in NYC, however, I did live in the Albany area for about 5 years prior to moving to Florida,,,,so I do know a little about upstate. I also remember, as a little boy, going up to Westkill to the farm house. I remember a fast running creek, rather shallow that we used to play in. It was right across the street from the little house my Grandfather (Russell B & Grandmother, Mae West Whitney used to live in). It's vague, but I am excited to go visit and see it. Listen, Connelly, I'm sorry if I am carrying on with such a long email I am just excited about finding this info out. Thank you so much. I have found out more about Whitney history prior to Alfred of 1810. should you wish to hear more, let me know. I don't want to impose on you any further. this email is long enough..... With Sincere Thanks Russ Whitney Connelly Vanvalkenburgh wrote:

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