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From: "Kenneth Whitney" <klw1 -at-> Subject: [WHITNEY-L] Josiah Whitney Date: Sat, 23 Sep 2000 16:02:58 -0400 Hello Larry Tracy and WRG, This message is for those with any interest in the puzzle of Josiah Whitney which Larry and I, along with others have been trying to solve, and replies to Larry's message to the WRG yesterday. Just what we needed, another parent for Silas Whitney! This whole project is complicated by the genealogy of F.C. Pierce and Hugh McLellan's Gorham history. However, they both seem to agree that Silas' parents were Josiah Whitney and Elizabeth Harding of Gorham and Alfred, ME. The problem exists in figuring out who this Josiah really was. Even Pierce lists two Josiahs (father and son, see #618 & 1587) as the husband of Elizabeth Harding. Both Pierce and McLellan appear to agree that Josiah was first married to Hannah Barstow, but that Josiah and Elizabeth were the parents of Silas. I thank those in the group who answered my inquiry about the recordkeeping concerning baptisms and births in early Maine. Your responses may help down the road. In the inquiry I speculated that Josiah, son of Dr. John Whitney of Eastham, Cape Cod could have been the adopted or foster-child of Nathaniel and Hannah (Day) Whitney. This is only one of many possibilities as we try to sort out this mess. Larry has found records in Bridgton, ME which may or may not help to find the ancestors he seeks. The Bridgton records are of the Josiah Whitney family. The question is, who is this Josiah? The are numerous possibilities. We know that he at various times lived in Maugerville, New Brunswick and in Nova Scotia. He had a child in Beverly, Mass. before settling in Bridgton. But, where did he come from originally? One of the people complicating this puzzle is Josiah, son of Dr. John Whitney. We know he was born in Eastham, but what happened to him after his mother died? Is he the adopted or foster son of Nathaniel and Hannah? Or, is he the Josiah who married Hannah Turner of Cambridge in Boston? Does this marriage make him the father of Eliab Turner Whitney in Upper Canada and Nova Scotia? Is Hannah Turner really Hannah Barstow Turner, wife of Josiah Whitney of Gorham? Or, is he Larry's Josiah who arrived in Bridgton? Or, is this some other Josiah? Many questions, and so far no answers. Someday we will ask the right question, find the answer, and maybe some of this will unravel. Larry sent me a copy of the Bridgton records. While no great revelation came from examining them, a thought did arise. There were other families in Bridgton who have a connection to Beverly, MA, especially a Gray family. Beverly seems to be a place worth investigating, especially if a connection can be made to the Cape Ann Society of Maugerville thru the Beverly connection. At a point in the future when I have some time I will transcribe the Whitney information from the Bridgton records for the WRG. One last thought. Cape Cod seems to be thematic for the Josiah Whitney of Gorham. We know there was a Josiah born in Eastham. Pierce places the marriage of Josiah to Hannah Barstow on Cape Cod. And Elizabeth Harding's family was from Eastham, with the possibility that she was born there (see McLellan). This may be very coincidental, but it sure is suggestive of a link between Josiah of Gorham and Eastham. MA. We sure could use more help. If anyone is interested, please feel free to jump in. As you can see, investigations on Cape Cod, in Beverly, MA, and in New Brunswick could yield important info. Ken Whitney Silver Spring, MD

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