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From: "Don Holmes" <donaldh -at-> Subject: [WHITNEY-L] The Family of Peter Whitney and Vallier Date: Sat, 4 Nov 2000 15:12:10 -0500 Last week we listed the immediate family of Peter Whitney, son of Ebenezer and offered not to post anymore if there was a sufficient payout, however as we have not received any money here is your punishment. Sarah* Whitney, the oldest daughter & second child of Peter Whitney and Margaret Haynes was born the 6th of March 1797 at Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario and died the 13th of November 1841 and is buried in St. John's Anglican Church Cemetery in York Mills (Toronto). In about 1817 she married Pierre Ignace (Angus) Valliere who was descended from an old French-Canadian family. Their children: ELIZABETH VALLIERE b. ca 1817 married Francis Veitch in 1837. Their issue Thomas Hamilton Veitch b. 1839 Peter Angus " b. ca 1842 John " b. ca 1844 Charles Edward " b. ca 1847 Sarah " b. ca 1849 William " b. ca 1852 Richard " b. ca 1856 This information is from parish & census records *WILLIAM HENRY VALLIERE b. ca 1823- d. 1900 married Martha Dunton ca 1845. We will go into this couple's history later. SARAH VALLIERE - 1824-1925 married John Spanhouse - children John Spanhouse ca 1852 Margaret " ca 1854 Mary " ca 1856 George " ca 1859 ANGUS VALLIERE - no information Charlotte VALLIERE - 1833-1901 married John Pennock- their family: Joanne Pennock ca 1853 married Thomas C. Mitchell - children John, Charlotte and Myrtle Mitchell Adaline Pennock - ca 1854 - married Mr. Painter - children Charlotte and Bartley Painter Ruben Pennock - b. ca 1855 no further information Adelaide Pennock b. ca 1857 - no further information Angus Pennock b. ca 1859 married Margaret Quigley - their family Norman, Vera, Barnard, Hazel, Theodore and Angus Pennock Truman Pennock 1863-1918 - no further information Joseph I. Pennock b. ca. 1865 married Elizabeth ? - their family Lorne, Gwen and Roy Pennock. John Pennock b. ca 1868 - no further information Willis N. Pennock 1869-1914 married May Hillaby - their family: Orville, Gladys, Ben, Ivan Oscar - b. ca 1893 and Reta Charlotte Pennock born ca. 1895 Harris Newton Pennock, 1873 - 1953 no further information Bernard A. Pennock 1878-1949 married Esther Maude Oswin MARGARET VALLIERE - no further information *WILLIAM HENRY VALLIERE (Marilyn's direct ancestor) was born ca 1823 and married Martha Dunton from Norfolk England ca 1845. Their children JANE Valliere -b. ca. 1846 married (a) Mr. Winsor (b) Mr. Bohan William Valliere b.1847 d.1930 - married Martha Irvine ca 1868- they had at least one son - William b. ca 1869 SARAH Valliere - b. ca 1850 - married John E. Holman ca 1871 MARGARET Valliere - b.1854 - d 1945 married John Kendrick JAMES ISRAEL Valliere - b. 3 Feb 1857 - d June 30 1946 This is a direct ancestor who will be heard from later. ELIZABETH EMILY Valliere ca 1859-1925 married Jacob Long GEORGE ALBERT Valliere - ca 1861 - 1936 married Emiline Level CHARLES ANGUS Vallier , ca 1863 - 1953 married Matilda Baird their family: Rose Marie b. 1891 - d. 1891 Mary Bird b. 1897 - d. 1897 Richard James b. 1897 - d. 1897 John Edward b. 1898 - d. 1898 Bernice- nothing is known of this child MARY LUCINDA ROSELYN Valliere b. ca 1869 married (a) Alfred Humbleton (b) Mr. Weldon ADALINE W. Valliere b. ca 1870 - no further information This information comes from parish and census records and family histories - for the Pennock information we are indebted to Rae Pennock of Conneticut. You will all have to wait until next week for the next thrilling instalment of this family history Marilyn and Don Holmes

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