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From: "Marsha Clark" <clarkb -at-> Subject: Re: [WHITNEY-L] MyFamily site Date: Fri, 1 Dec 2000 19:55:36 -0500 References: <> Jo: I don't think you can just visit, you'll need to subscribe. I'll forward an invitation to you. I'm really excited to have a family site consisting of our 'current' generations! Thanks, Jeanne. marsha clark ----- Original Message ----- From: <Hogle1 -at-> To: <WHITNEY-L -at-> Sent: Friday, December 01, 2000 4:48 PM Subject: [WHITNEY-L] MyFamily site > Hi folks, > > Since I was gone on a very extended trip, I missed the posting of the url for > Jeanne's MyFamily page. I have been unsuccessful in finding the Whitney page > by just going to MyFamily because it wants me to subscribe and I prefer not > to. Can't we just look without having to enroll? > If anyone has the link I would appreciate it. > > Jo Hogle >

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