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From: "Whitney, James E, II, NLSOP" <jewhitney -at-> Subject: [WHITNEY-L] FW: Clay County Cemetery Book-AL Parks family plot Date: Mon, 18 Dec 2000 14:20:17 -0500 -----Original Message----- From: Sarah Anne -at- Sent: Monday, November 06, 2000 10:49 AM To: Whitney, James E, II, NLSOP Subject: Re: Clay County Cemetery Book Dear James, Our cemetery books volume I and volume II are both out of print. I checked in the index and there were no Whitneys listed in them anyway. We collected more data from cemeteries around the county which were missed on the first two books. We are in the process of trying to put together a volume III or third edition..... I have a rough copy of that one here at home. I checked the index of it and found the family you are looking for listed in the "A.L. Park Cemetery" on Twistabout Ridge. I will give each listing that's available. Sullivan Row Fanny McVenay Park married Ben Whitney. Their daughter, Mollie, married Charlie Sullivan. Charlie Sullivan was buried in this cemetery on October 18, 1937. It is known that Mollie and their son, Orville were also buried in this row. Whitney Row 1. Believed to be an Olliver chile. 2. Alvin Whitney Buried 1930 (son of Ben and Fanny Whitney) 3. Anna Whitney (daughter of Ben and Fanny Whitney) 4. Fanny Park Whitney (wife of Ben Whitney) 5. Ben Whitney Apr. 25, 1874....... died: ? no date given 6. Maywood Whitney (son of Ben and Fanny Whitney) 7. Silas P. Whitney 1835 1912 (father of Ben Whitney) "Silas Whitney was the first Advent Christian preacher to come into this section of West Virginia. He served for more than 13 years as President of the Southern Ohio Advent Christian Conference. While visiting with his sons at Twistabout, he would preach to the people of the church. A camp was built by the Acvent Christian Denomination of WV on a tract of land between Big Sandy Creek and Little Blue Creek. It was named "Camp Whitney" in honor of Silas P. Whitney." Hope this helps, Sarah _________________________________________________________________________ Get Your Private, Free E-mail from MSN Hotmail at <a href=""></a>. Share information about yourself, create your own public profile at <a href=""></a>.

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