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From: lahebert -at- Subject: [WHITNEY-L] John T W Whitney (1822) Date: Fri, 19 Jan 2001 23:18:21 -0500 My first posting to the list. Hope my Whitney information will help someone and in turn that I may get more information also! John T W Whitney was born August 31, 1822 in Canada. He married Elizabeth Ann Morse who was born in 1826 in Whitefield, NH. They were married on April 4, 1845. John and Elizabeth resided in Northumberland, NH John died April 2, 1910 at the Old Soldiers Home in Chelsea, Mass. Elizabeth preceded him in death, died November 9, 1883. John enlisted in the 1st Regiment of NH, Heavy Artillery, I Company on Sept 7, 1864 and was mustered out on June 15, 1865. John and Elizabeth had a son, Benjamin Franklin Whitney (boy, this name is everywhere in this family!) He was born October 12, 1862 in Northumberland, NH On April 12, 1883 he married Edith Remick in Jefferson, NH. Benjamin died Feb 4, 1940. Benjamin and Edith resided in Warren, NH >From what my father knows from personal conversation with Benjamin before his death, Benjamin's grandfather's name was Newall or Newhall and he was in the lumber business in Canada. (Benjamin was also in the lumber business, specifically on Mount Moosilauke in NH) It appears then, that John T W Whitney's parents were Newhall Whitney and Elizabeth Whitehead listed on the Whitney Research Group website. An interesting note: John T. W. Whitney had a younger brother Benjamin Franklin Whitney born in 1824 who was mortally wounded in the civil war at Cold Harbor. (11th Infantry VT, K Company). He joined the war on 12/4/1863 and died 11/1/1864. John's son Benjamin Franklin Whitney was born October 12, 1862. I have two problems that I am working on, and hope someone can give me some insight. #1) John T W and Elizabeth Morse were married for 17 years and John was 40 years old when Benjamin was born. I cannot find any siblings for Benjamin. John being a farmer in Northumberland, NH, I find this unusual! #2) I am told that Benjamin's father-in-law, Harris Remick, was living in Lancaster, NH in 1920 in the household of his grandson Thomas J Whitney. No one knows or remembers a Thomas J Whitney! Benjamin and Edith had three children...Susie, Gladys and Percy. Harris had three daughters and only one, Edith, married a Whitney. Any ideas???? By the way, another Benjamin Franklin Whitney was born in December 1976!

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