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From: ALLAGREEN -at- Subject: [WHITNEY-L] This may be of interest Date: Mon, 22 Jan 2001 02:38:53 EST Dear WRG: I found this on the Rockingham Co., NH, maillist, and thought it might be of interest, applying to the manner in which our ancestors lived. Allan E. Green Household Tips {from "The American Frugal Housewife" by Mrs. Child (1836), qouted in "The Writer's Guide to Everyday Life in the 1800's" (Marc McCutcheon p.96)} "Look frequently to the pails, to see that nothing is thrown to the pigs which should have been in the grease pot. An ox's gall will set any color-silk, cotton, or woollen. I have seen the colors of calico, which faded at one washing, fixed by it. Where one lives near a slaughterhouse.... the gall can be bought for a few cents. Eggs will keep almost any lenght of time in lime-water properly prepared. One pint of coarse salt, and one pint of unslacked lime, to a pailful of water. If there be too much lime, it will eat the shells from the eggs; and if there be a single egg cracked, it will spoil the whole. They should be kept covered with lime-water, and in cold place.....I have seen eggs, thus kept, perfectly sweet and fresh at the end of three years... If feather-beds smell badly, or become heavy from want of proper preservation of the feathers, or from old age, empty them, and wash the feathers thoroughly in a tub of suds; spread them in your garret to dry, and they will be as light and as good as new. New England rum, constantly used to wash the hair, keeps it very clean, and free from disease, and promotes its' growth a great deal more tham Macassar oil. Barley straw is the best for beds; dry corn husks, slit into shreds, are far better than straw. In winter, always set the handle of your pump as high as possible, before you go to bed. Except in very frigid weather this keeps the handle from freezing. When there is a reason to apprehend extreme cold, do not forget to throw a rug or horse-blanket over your pump; a frozen pump is a comfortless preperation for a winter's breakfeast. Very hard and durable candles are made in the following manner: Melt together ten ounces of mutton tallow, a quarter of an ounce of camphor, four ounces of beeswax, and two ounces of alum. Candles made of these materials burn with a very clear light. Honey mixed with pure pulverized charcoal is said to excellent to cleanse the teeth, and make them white. Limewater with a little Peruvian bark is very good to be occasionally used by those who have defective teeth, or an offensive breath". ==== NHROCKIN Mailing List ==== Rockingham County, NH, GenWeb Project, [ <a href=""></a> ]

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