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Mailing List Archives > 2001-01-22 09, Re: Thanks for all the schooling! and more and more, by Rose Zella Proctor

From: Rose Zella <" zella"> Subject: Re: [WHITNEY-L] Thanks for all the schooling! and more and more Date: Mon, 22 Jan 2001 16:27:57 -0600 References: <> Rose Zella wrote: > Hey Guys! Thanks for all the replies. > For the lesson in pronunciation--that was great--you should hear how > we pronounce some things out here in Wyoming! > My Mother-the Whitney always had a great sense of humor, although she > might tell me I opened a can of worms. Gee > they were nice worms. You all make everyone feel at home. > On what DEA. was. I'm really glad to know that. I've found lots of > preachers in my Father's family so am glad to know in my Mother's family > we have 'Deacons'. > I am amazed at the parts of my little posting that you all > answered. Some of you I will try and respond to individually for your > great contribution. > The Whitney site is great and I have found a lot in it. Acually it > looks like the researchers have done most of my work for me. > To those of you who had trouble with my E-mail address: especially > John. I got your little note a couple of times. I've > had this problem and can't seem to get it resolved. They say the > problem lies with my server. It doesn't happen except when you hit the > reply to--even then it will eventually come through. What happens is > that quotes (and sometimes something else will crop up around the > zella. I look back at some of these and its there even when it goes > through. Actually my address is just: zella -at- > Now to confuse you further, Rose Zella is my given name and I like to be > called by both names. > To me Rose is that naughty girl the Statler Brothers used to sing about. > > Oh yes some of my other incapacities are that I am also computer > illiterate and I am old! > Rose Zella Come on guys-I only asked you how to pronounce Worchester, you're working at changing my whole dialect.Anyhow it sure brought you all right out of the wood work! Its been great. I'll see what else I can dream up to ask about! I think I spotted a couple English teachers. Theres been so many messages that I sit here and laugh til my sides hurt. I think I was right, there must have been a sense of humor handed down in the Whitney lines. Rose Zella I just tried to reply to this message-said my address wasn't valid, its got those darn quotes around "zella". I will erase them and see if it goes.

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