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From: "Steven Wallace" <stevenwallace7 -at-> Subject: Re: [WHITNEY-L] the Reunion Date: Tue, 23 Jan 2001 13:33:11 -0500 References: <> Hi Carolyn: Newby here. While I do appreciate the spirit of "no descendant shall be left behind" <g>, I also appreciate that an opportunity for SOME people to meet is better than no meeting at all. There is a happy medium somewhere ... but, being new to this list, I should leave that decision to the others who know each other better. For my own part, MA, VT or NH might be good ... Virginia would be ideal (I live there). - Steven W. My usual signature .... Other Lines: ADAMS, ALBIN, BLACKMORE, BLANCHARD, BLOOD, BRACKETT, BROOKS, BYFIELD, CARSON, CHAMBERLAIN, CROSS, DARNALL, DUNCAN, FLETCHER, HILDRETH, HULL, HUSTON, JENNEY, KEEN, KEENE, LONGLEY, LYNAM, McLAUGHLIN, NUTTING, O'BRIEN, PARKER, PROCTOR, REYNOLDS, ROBERTSON, ROBBINS, ROLLINSON, SHATTUCK, STEADMAN, SQUIRE, WALKER, WALLACE, WALLIS, WALTERS, WARD, WARREN, WATERS, WATSON, WATTERS, WELCH, WHEELER, WHITNEY, WILSON, WRIGHT Steven Rollinson Wallace stevenwallace7 -at- ----- Original Message ----- From: "Chris Branagan" <slainte -at-> To: <WHITNEY-L -at-> Sent: Tuesday, January 23, 2001 8:24 AM Subject: [WHITNEY-L] the Reunion > Hi Bud, > > The benefits of being a member of the WRG include being among > researchers who are from many places, have wide experiences and are > willing to share their areas of expertise. As long as we are just > corresponding on the internet, this is a huge advantage to all of > us. However this advantage turns into an obsticle when we try to > arrange a place for a reunion. Whatever place is chosen as a > location, there will certainly be some members who have to travel > farther than others. And some members may not be able to attend at all > due to the long distance. Our member Rick in Thialand comes to mind! > > Try to remember that the goal of the WRG is to promote the scholarly > research of the Whitney family. This will also be the main goal of the > Reunion, along with the attemps to allow members of the WRG to get to > know one another better. > > For those who are unable to attend, perhaps the Committee will consider > sending available phamphlets and other literature. No doubt there > will be a lot of information generated. Pictures may be available from > Jeanne's site. > > You are a valuable member of the WRG. Regardless of where or when or > if there is a reunion, all of us will continue to be invested in your > research, as you are in ours. > > Good luck. By the way this morning where I live in northern Vermont > it is 5 below! What is the temperature where you are in Alaska? > > from, Carolyn Whitney Branagan > > > >

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