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From: Lyn Legere <lynleg -at-> Subject: Re: [WHITNEY-L] Another try. Date: Tue, 30 Jan 2001 22:26:47 -0500 References: <> Dear Lois, Unfortunately, I have no info to give you, but can relate with the difficulties of finding information for the early 1860's - my ggrandmother was also born in that time frame and I've been searching for more than 10 years for her. The time frame is just a little before most towns/states required records and a bit after the majority of early vitals that seem to all end around 1850. So, I empathize with you and wish you luck. Lyn Legere LoisBauman -at- wrote: > My Grandfather Mentle, Mantle or Mintle, Whitney Born 1863-? Cannot find > out anything re this fellow. 1900 census in Wellsville, Allegany Co.NYshowed > he was born in NY but have no idea where. Do not have parents names or > siblings. My father was born in Potter Co. Pa. 10-17-1875 was the eldest. I > have one living sister who is 90 and is the only one that we have that can > give us any info that she remembers. She recalls that my father stated their > was a connection between The Whitney-Paine and our father but she does not > know how. Also states that was told there was an adoption somewhere in the > background. This could have been with my great grandmother as she is shown > as a Cotton when she was 6. living with Family names Kibbe. She is shown as > a Kibbe in the death record of my Grandmother. However since we can find > notheing on M Whitney we do not know. Also he left area where my parents > lived which was Fremont Ohio sometime around 1913 or therafter and went to a > western state. My fathers younger bros Norman and Robert were with him and a > lady named Bertha Or Myra. We have been told that he had children out there > but do not have any more info than that. My dad was Berniece James B. 1885, > His bros. were Irving Dewitt b.1888, Louis Ebenezer b.1892, Norman Fuller b. > 1896 Robert Archabald b. 1901. Some were born in NY and some in Potter > county Pa. Their mothers name was Mary Fuller b. 1868 in Bingham, Potter pa. > Died Weelsvill, Allegany Co Ny. 1903. This is all the info we have. My > cousin Mary Heinlien and myself are trying to get the grandfathers genology > together but have definitly hit a brick wall. Any help out there would be > appreciated. > Thank you. Lois Whitney Bauman-Wood.

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