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From: Rose Zella <zella -at-> Subject: [WHITNEY-L] A little bit I know on the DNA testing. Date: Wed, 31 Jan 2001 11:26:56 -0600 Dear WRG; I had promised myself I was going to keep quiet on this but thats hard to do. My other Family Group is deep into DNA testing and were picking testing centers. I opted out of this so no longer receive their information on it so don't know how they are coming. However they sent out considerable information on it and I diligently read it and tried to absorb what I could. Even if the cost is underwritten by some testing group etc. the volunteer still has to get to the testing center at his own expense. At that time they were talking centers in large cities something like L.A. This isn't something that you run down to the local clinic and give them some blood or have your cheek swabbed, at least not yet . The group had a central coordinator and you had to apply through that. You need to give informational data and then see if you are accepted as a volunteer. Keep in mind that that is just what you are, "a volunteer." I see by the replies to this site we have many professionals who know a good deal about this and have given some good information. I don't pretend to know anything, but this is what I've gathered for my own purpose. DNA and blood type are two different things. Any blood type can be tested for DNA. DNA is an identification process and if you are lucky you have a small chance of identifying an ancestor from long ago or forming some link to him. It will also identify you, each one of us has a unique DNA trait like no other, much like we all have different finger prints. I decided I did not need to try to document or prove my ancestors in this manner. I am quite secure in my heritage. I had wonderful parents and it all started there. This paper chase we are all doing with our ancestors satisfies me. I've found it very rewarding to put names to my ancestors, to visit with many of you about them, to find out that there are distant cousins out there and then to relay this to my family. If per chance way back somewhere I have an ancestor who has dallied around and messed up the line or if indeed I'm not who I think I am I probably don't even need to know that because my heritage is real, its right here and very secure. What about the promise that this information will be protected, be safe, locked up and not used for any other purpose? If you believe that I have some ocean front property out here in Wyoming that I would like to sell to you. Rose Zella

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