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From: "Robert L. Ward" <rlward1 -at-> Subject: [WHITNEY-L] Re: Sarah (Shepherd?) Goble Date: Thu, 22 Feb 2001 19:46:53 -0500 In-Reply-To: <001301c09cd2$5ca8b780$22cec0d8@enduser> Jeanne (and the WRG), At 08:20 AM 2/22/01 -0500, you wrote: >Robert: You mentioned in an e-mail thru WRG an interest in a "Sarah >GOBLE, likely a widow, born about 1658. A likely candidate was Sarah >(SHEPHERD) GOBLE, widow of Thomas-3 GOBLE, who d. 16 Mar 1723/24, >Concord, MA." > >In response to a query I posted in the N.E. Gen. Hist. Society's web >page about Abigail FLETCHER's ancestry, I received e-mail from Shawn >Potter (shpxlcp -at- - His source: "Early Vital Records of >Middlesex County, Massachusetts, to about 1850, Vital Records of >Concord, MA" (Search & ReSearch Publishing Corporation). Attached is a >narrative on the family of Thomas & Sarah from the data I entered using >Shawn's info. > >As you can see, their daughter, Mary GOBLE, was Abigail FLETCHER's >mother. > >Sarah (SHEPARD or SHEPHERD) GOBLE survived her husband Thomas GOBLE III, >but Shawn did not provide her date of death. This might give you more >clues as to whether this Sarah was 2nd wife to Nathaniel-3 Whitney >(John-2, John-1) and who died 7 May 1746, aged 88 in Weston. > >I'd be interested in any more you find too. I found a fellow with a copy of _The Shepard Families of New England_, by Donald Lines Jacobus. He wrote: "I did find your Sarah Shepard in the Genealogies, here is a quick rundown: "Sarah Shepard, daughter of John Shepard (b. abt 1633, d. 15 Dec. 1999 at Concord, Mass.) and Sarah Goble (bap. 27 May 1638 at Charlestown, Mass., d. between 30 Nov. 1717 - 20 Feb. 1717/18 at Concord, Mass. She was the daughter of Thomas and Alice Gobel), was born about 1667 at Concord, Mass. and died after 1727. She married(1) on January 4, 1686/87 to Thomas Goble III, her first cousin. He was the son of Thomas Goble Jr. and Mary (mousell) Goble and died (bef. April 20) 1724. Sarah Shepard married(2) a Mr. Whitney. Sarah and her first husband had three children: 1. Sarah, m. William Wood 2. Mary, m. Mr. Fletcher 3. Abigail, m. Joseph Harris Ref: T. B. Wyman, "Charlestown Genealogies and Estates" Charles L. Newell, "Record of My Ancestry" (1899)" I wrote back: "In case you care, the marriage record of "Sarah GOBLE and Nathan WHITNEY" has been located. They were married 2 Nov 1724, Concord, MA, by Rev. John WHITING. This is not recorded in Concord vital records. Reference: Clarence S. Brigham, "Concord (Mass.) Marriages, 1724," _The American Genealogist_, Vol. 16, p. 23. "Being well-versed in the WHITNEY families of New England, I can attest that there was no "Nathan" WHITNEY old enough to have been her husband, and even ones much younger have been otherwise disposed of. "Instead, this has to have been Nathaniel-3 WHITNEY, son of John-2 and Ruth (REYNOLDS) WHITNEY [John-1], b. 1 Feb 1646/7, Watertown, MA. He m.(1) 12 Mar 1673/4, Watertown, MA, Sarah HAGAR. She d. 29 Jul 1722, Weston, MA. He remarried Sarah -----, who must have been the above Sarah (SHEPARD) GOBLE. He died 7 Jan 1732/3, Weston, and his widow Sarah d. 7 May 1746, aged 88 years, Weston. This implies that Sarah SHEPARD was born in 1657-1658, not 1667 as given above, if her age at death is accurate. That also makes her probably the oldest child of John-2 and Sarah (GOBLE) SHEPARD. All of Nathaniel's children were by his first wife, which is not surprising, since his second wife was about 66 years old at their marriage. "The above events are taken from the published vital records of the towns indicated, together with various compiled genealogies and other secondary sources. The probate of Nathaniel-3 WHITNEY mentions his widow Sarah, with no indication of her former marriage or other relatives. "I descend from Nathaniel-3 and Sarah (HAGAR) WHITNEY, so have no descendancy from the SHEPARD or GOBLE families, but am interested because we have now identified my ancestor's second wife! "Thanks for your assistance!" I feel very confident that we have solved this mystery. Regards, Robert Robert L. Ward WHITNEY Research Group <<a href=""></a>;

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