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From: "R. Kyser" <sorryken -at-> Subject: re: [WHITNEY-L] Whitney/Whiting mixup Date: Wed, 21 Mar 2001 00:56:15 -0600 The 1886 "Rodman Genealogy" by C. H. Jones shows Ruth Rodman (b. 1759) m. "William Whiting". This is William Whitney (#1409 in Pierce). Yet just last year a descendant of Ruth's brother insisted to me that she married a Mr. Whiting. (The Higginson reprint does have a faint scribbled-in correction.) Pierce avenges the Whitneys nine years on by leaving Ruth out altogether while including Williams exact date of death. William served under Capt. Joshua Whiting in the Albany Co. militia, and had a brother Joshua as well. Perhaps this furthered the confusion. Cheers, Ron Kyser -----Original Message----- From: Robert L. Ward Subject: [WHITNEY-L] Correction to Vital Records >Dear WRG, > >The vital records of Sherborn, MA, show the following: > > EAMES, Gershom, and Susannah WHITING, mar. 25 Mar 1724. > >This is an error. The bride's maiden name was WHITNEY. She was >daughter of Jonathan-3 and Susannah (FAIRBANKS) WHITNEY [Benjamin-2, >John-1], born 29 Jan 1702/3, Sherborn, MA. This is proven by the >mention in Jonathan's will of his four grandchildren Gershom, >Susannah, Martha, and Patience EMES, on 2 Feb 1753 (Middlesex County >Probate Records, File #24692). These were the first four (and >probably only surviving) children of Gershom and Susannah EAMES, >born in Holliston, MA. Apparently Susannah (WHITNEY) EAMES died 29 >Apr 1739, in Holliston, MA, 7 days after the birth of her seventh >child, Marah. Gershom then remarried 11 May 1741, Holliston, MA, >widow Mary (HUNT) LELAND, and had three more children. > >Add this marriage date to your databases, please! > >There are probably other WHITNEY events hiding in plain sight under >the heading of WHITING (and vice versa!!). These names are hard to >distinguish when handwritten. Let that be a lesson! > >Regards, > >Robert > >Robert L. Ward >rlward1 -at- ><<a href=""></a>; >12236 Shadetree Lane, Laurel, MD 20708-2832 >301-776-1659 >

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