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From: Katehogen -at- Subject: [WHITNEY-L] Re: Woods - Whitney Connections Date: Fri, 23 Mar 2001 20:59:03 EST Can someone help me with Eunice Whitney of Cambridge m John Woods as his 2nd wife in 1826. She died in 1827 at age 40. Was she perhaps a widow of a Whitney? Also I'm trying to pen down the name of John's first wife which could be any of the following: Bisty/Betsey Potts/Peat/Pitts/Petts/Peet to help in researching her ancestry and mine as well. The following is what I've gathered on John Woods and his direct family. Descendants of Samuel Woods Generation No. 1 1. SAMUEL3 WOODS (SAMUEL2, SAMUEL1)1,2 was born June 19, 1722, in Chelmsford, Middlesex, Massachusetts2, and died November 08, 1808, in Princeton2. He married (1) TABITHA EVELETH3,4 September 14, 1751, in Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts4, daughter of JOHN EVELETH and HANNAH HAYNES. She was born April 04, 1731, in Sudbury, Middlesex, Massachusetts4, and died October 20, 1770, in Princeton, MA4. He married (2) ABIGAIL WHITNEY4 1772, widow of Israel Underwood; daughter of SOLOMON WHITNEY and MARTHA FLETCHER. She was baptized May 02, 1741, and died July 31, 1826. In 1761 Mr. Woods moved from Rutland to Princeton, Massachusetts, and there taught the first public school established in that town. He took an active part in all the interests of the time, and in the years preceding the American revolution and during its continuance was a member of the committee of correspondence, and with others signed and published a renunciation of allegiance to the British crown. Marriage Notes for SAMUEL WOODS and TABITHA EVELETH: Vital Info: Samuel Woods of Rutland & Tabitha Eveleth, Sept. 14, 1751 Source: Early Massachusetts Marriages Prior to 1800 Middlesex, Hamshire, Bershire and Bristol Middlesex County Sudbury page 98 Children of SAMUEL WOODS and TABITHA EVELETH are: i. MOLLY4 WOODS5,6, b. March 03, 1752, Rutland, Worcester, Massachusetts6. ii. HANNAH H. WOODS7,8, b. August 13, 1755, Rutland, Worcester, Massachusetts8; m. (1) NAHUM WILDER, August 26, 1800, Ashburnham, Massachusetts; m. (2) GEORGE G. PARKER, December 17, 1836, Ashburnham, Massachusetts. iii. SAMUEL WOODS9,10, b. June 01, 1757, Rutland, Worcester, Massachusetts10. iv. LYDIA WOODS11,12, b. August 04, 1759, Princeton, Worcester, Massachusetts12. v. ANNA WOODS13,14, b. June 30, 1761, Princeton, Worcester, Massachusetts14; m. JOHN HAVEN, September 23, 1804, Ashburnham, Massachusetts. vi. SARAH WOODS15,16, b. July 06, 1763, Princeton, Worcester, Massachusetts16. 2. vii. ABEL WOODS, b. August 15, 1765, Princeton, Worcester, Massachusetts; d. August 11, 1850, Albany, New York. 3. viii. JOHN WOODS, b. December 24, 1768, Princeton, Worcester, Massachusetts; d. June 25, 1863. Children of SAMUEL WOODS and ABIGAIL WHITNEY are: ix. LEONARD4 WOODS, b. June 19, 1774, Princeton; d. August 24, 1854, Andover, Massachusetts; m. ABIGAIL WHEELER, October 1799; b. February 29, 1776; d. February 21, 1846. 4. x. ASA WOODS, b. April 30, 1776; d. April 28, 1844, Ashburnham, Massachusetts. xi. HANNAH WOODS, b. May 13, 1778. xii. LUCY WOODS, b. November 16, 1780. xiii. MOLLY WOODS, b. February 15, 1783. Generation No. 2 3. JOHN4 WOODS (SAMUEL3, SAMUEL2, SAMUEL1)18 was born December 24, 1768 in Princeton, Worcester, Massachusetts18, and died June 25, 1863. He married (1) BITSY PEAT18 July 05, 1792 in Ashburnham, Massachusetts18. She died Bef. August 1826 in Ashburnham, Massachusetts. He married (2) EUNICE WHITNEY August 17, 1826 in Ashburnham, Massachusetts. She was born Abt. 1787, and died November 08, 1827 in Ashburnham, Massachusetts. He married (3) RHODA FELTON February 05, 1829 in Ashburnham, Massachusetts. He married (4) REBECCA DRAPER January 30, 1831 in Ashburnham, Massachusetts. Notes for JOHN WOODS: 1850 MA Census Index Name State County Location Year Roll Page Wood, John MA Worcester Co. Ashburnham 1850 340 9 Listed in the 1850 Census - Ashburnham as John Wood, age 82, occupation Farmer and a household worth of 1,500; with wife Rebecca age 63 and son Asa age 42 also a farmer. The census was taken on the 16th day of September 1850 Marriage Notes for JOHN WOODS and BITSY PEAT: Last Name: PEAT (see Pitts) First Name: Betsy Spouse Name: John Woods Marriage Date: July 5, 1792 Marriage Place: Ashburnham Source: Vital Records of Ashburnham Vital Info: PEAT [Petts in publishment of intention of marriage] (see Pitts), Betsy and John Woods, July 5, 1792. Source: Vital Records of Ashburnham, Massachussetts, To the end of the year 1849. ASHBURNHAM MARRIAGES TO THE YEAR 1850 Listed as Betsey Potts in Genealogy of the Fairbanks Family; Author: Lorenzo S. Fairbanks; Call Number: CS71.F164; page 189 Last Name could be: PEAT, Peets, Petts, Pitts, or Potts Notes for EUNICE WHITNEY: Last Name: WOODS (see Wood) First Name: Eunice Death Date: Nov. 8, 1827 Burial Place: Ashburnham Source: Vital Records of Ashburnham Vital Info: WOODS, Eunice, wife John, Nov. 8, 1827, age 40 y. church record Source: Vital Records of Ashburnham, Massachusetts, To the end of the year 1849. ASHBURNHAM DEATHS TO THE YEAR 1850 Marriage Notes for JOHN WOODS and EUNICE WHITNEY: WHITNEY, Eunice Spouse: John Woods Marriage Date: Aug. 17, 1826 Marriage Place: Ashburnham Source: Vital Records of Ashburnham Eunice of Cambridge and John Woods, int. Aug. 17, 1826. Children of JOHN WOODS and BITSY PEAT are: i. ABEL5 WOODS, b. December 20, 1792, Ashburnham, Massachusetts; m. SARAH E. RUSSELL, March 17, 1842, Ashburnham, Massachusetts. ii. BETSY WOODS, b. November 13, 1794, Ashburnham, Massachusetts. iii. DOLLY WOODS, b. December 25, 1796, Ashburnham, Massachusetts; m. ZACHARIAH PARKER, April 08, 1823, Ashburnham, Massachusetts. iv. JOHN WOODS, b. June 12, 1799, Ashburnham, Massachusetts; d. 1820, Ashburnham, Massachusetts. v. MELISA WOODS, b. June 04, 1801, Ashburnham, Massachusetts. vi. SARAH H. WOODS18, b. June 19, 1803, Ashburnham, Massachusetts18; d. January 13, 1892, Norwich, Connecticutt18; m. NATHANIEL FAIRBANKS18, 1822; b. July 06, 1798, Needham, Massachusetts18; d. 1874, Waltham, Massachusetts18. Notes for NATHANIEL FAIRBANKS: Died while residing with his son John W. In the 1850 US Census, he is listed as Stonecutter with a household worth of 800; George Cheney is listed in household as a Stonecutter age 30 vii. ASA G. WOODS, b. September 28, 1805, Ashburnham, Massachusetts; m. (1) SUSAN WALLICE, January 18, 1827, Ashburnham, Massachusetts; m. (2) SULTANA JONES, June 02, 1840, Ashburnham, Massachusetts; d. Bef. September 16, 1850, Ashburnham, Massachusetts. Notes for ASA G. WOODS: Listed in the 1850 Census living only with his father and his father's 4th wife Rebecca. viii. MARY I. WOODS, b. July 24, 1807, Ashburnham, Massachusetts; m. HENRY KIBLINGER CAPT., June 07, 1829, Ashburnham, Massachusetts. ix. SAMUEL WOODS, b. August 08, 1809, Ashburnham, Massachusetts. x. SAMUEL WOODS, b. July 27, 1812, Ashburnham, Massachusetts; m. (1) MARY H. LOWE, Ashburnham, Massachusetts; m. (2) MARY CALDWELL. xi. BETSY WOODS, b. August 17, 1817, Ashburnham, Massachusetts. xii. JOHN STILLMAN WOODS, b. October 28, 1824. Sincerely, Kate

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