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From: Colleen Knights <knights -at-> Subject: Re: [WHITNEY-L] 1850 WI Census Date: Tue, 27 Mar 2001 05:39:17 -0600 References: <009501c0b499$46f485c0$> I thought I'd post this to the list in case it was of interest to others and to let everyone know that I have access to many of the WI State and Federal census microfilms at my local library. If anyone else needs a look-up, let me know. Here you go Janet. 1850 Federal Census, Onomowoc, Waukesha, Wisconsin Page 374 Enumerated 28 July 1850 Dwelling 282, Family 293 John Whitney, 67, M, Farmer b. Mass. Polly, 63, b. Conn Larry, 7, Laborer (it really says that, age or profession quesitonable) b. NY Chauncey, 23, M, Shoemaker, 600 (value of real estate),b. NY Azel, 49, M, Farmer, 1000, NY Harriett, 33, F, b. VT Elmira, 12, F, b. OH John, 11, M, b. OH Albert, 8, M, b. OH Also on this page Dw 288, Fam. 299 Ira Whitney, 39, M, Shoemaker, 500, b. NY Lucy M., 26, F. b. VT Suire E., 13, M, b. NY Rhoda C. 11, F, b. NY Frank R. 9, M, b. Penn. I. Manly, 7/12, M. b. OH Hope this helps. Janet Duffield wrote: > > If anyone has access to the 1850 census for Waukesha County, Wisconsin could you please look something up for me? > There is a John Whitney listed on this census. Could you please give all the people and information listed for his household? > All help will be greatly appreciated. > Janet Whitney Duffield

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