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From: ALLAGREEN -at- Subject: [WHITNEY-L] Iowa Marriages & Abington, MA Directory from Ancestry Date: Fri, 30 Mar 2001 02:14:41 EST Dear WRG: Here are a few items I gleaned from Ancestry's free databases of the day. ************* Search Results Database: Abington, Massachusetts Directories, 1889, 1892 Combined Matches: 1 Name Business Name Occupation Location City State Year Chas H Whitney sewing machine agent North avenue (N A) Abington MA 1889 Search Results Database: Iowa Marriages, 1851-1900 Combined Matches: 33 Name Spouse Marriage Date County State WHITNEY, CHARLES O. CAMPFIELD, ALICE M. 2 Dec 1883 Adair IA WHITNEY, CHARLES O. CHARLES, ROSETTA J. 27 Oct 1884 Adair IA WHITNEY, WILLIAM S. STRONG, HARIET O. 26 Feb 1871 Adair IA FLECK, FRANKLIN WHITNEY, MARY 24 Feb 1872 Greene IA BROWNLEE, GEORGE WHITNEY, ALICE 25 Dec 1876 Greene IA WHITNEY, I. R. HUFFMAN, MARY 3 Jul 1877 Greene IA CARSON, VERLIN WHITNEY, REBECCA 15 Feb 1879 Greene IA WHITNEY, FRANK P. SISCHO, STELLA E. 26 Jul 1881 Greene IA MEYERS, CHARLES WHITNEY, ALICE 21 Apr 1896 Greene IA WHITNEY, CHARLES JONES, SARAH ANN 7 Jan 1872 Guthrie IA WHITNEY, FRANK P. WOLF, ELIZABETH S. 5 Mar 1878 Guthrie IA CHURCH, H. C. WHITNEY, SARAH A. [Mrs] 20 Jul 1878 Guthrie IA WHITNEY, CHARLES DURRELL, ISABELL 12 May 1869 Boone IA BISHOP, ABEL L. WHITNEY, MARY C. 27 Apr 1891 Boone IA McKOWAN, EDWARD P. WHITNEY, EMALINE 06 May 1858 Hamilton IA WHITNEY, F. C. DEAN, ALTA 27 Sep 1882 Muscatine IA WHITNEY, ISIAH D. HOME, LOUISA 05 Jul 1854 Muscatine IA MURDOCK, M. D. WHITNEY, EMMA [Mrs] 22 Jan 1896 Muscatine IA WHITNEY, OSCAR F. SARVER, RACHEL 29 May 1891 Muscatine IA WHITNEY, HENRY STODDARD, BERTHA [Mrs] 26 Aug 1875 Marion IA TRUAX, FLETCHER WHITNEY, OLIE 23 Mar 1896 Appanoose IA CHANDER, H. L. WHITNEY, ADDIE B. 7 Apr 1891 Appanoose IA SMITH, JOHN L. WHITNEY, LYDIA F. 24 Feb 1876 Appanoose IA WHITNEY, L. C. BEST, MARY 30 Jun 1877 Appanoose IA WHITNEY, M. L. WILSON, ZELMA 25 Jan 1897 Appanoose IA WHITNEY, WILLIAM GARR, HARRIET 9 Aug 1900 Appanoose IA WHITNEY, LINCLON D. JOHNSTON, ELIZA [Mrs] 3 Nov 1900 Chickasaw IA WHITNEY, F. S. NETTELTON, MARGARET N. 16 May 1860 Johnson IA WHITNEY, WILLIAM E. SMITH, MARY 24 Feb 1871 Johnson IA REIBEL, ADAM C. WHITNEY, MARY ELLEN 11 Sep 1883 Lucas IA WHITNEY, C. W. DUDLEY, IDA M. 12 Aug 1882 Lucas IA WHITNEY, WARREN GIGER, ADIA 22 Feb 1876 Lucas IA WHITNEY, CHARLES E. MAY, CLARA 15 Mar 1883 Louisa IA I hope this helps someone. At any rate, it needs to be in the archives. Allan E. Green

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