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From: "Robert L. Ward" <rlward1 -at-> Subject: Re: [WHITNEY-L] Whitney crest Date: Tue, 05 Jun 2001 18:24:09 -0400 In-Reply-To: <> Bruce, At 09:59 PM 6/4/01 -0400, Bruce29 -at- wrote: >I have seen a Whitney crest in a book, but it was a very poor reproduction >and virtually useless. Does anyone have a copy of a Whitney crest and/or >motto? > >Bruce29 -at- I have a copy of the coat of arms, crest, and motto, in a .jpeg format file. Write me if you want a copy. All should be aware that this coat of arms only applies to the WHITNEY family of Whitney, Herefordshire, and their direct descendants. None of the three early immigrant ancestors can be connected to this family at present. Regards, Robert Robert L. Ward Whitney Research Group <a href=""></a> rlward -at-

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