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From: Shawn Whitney <cyberboone -at-> Subject: Re: [WHITNEY-L] Whitney crest Date: Tue, 05 Jun 2001 15:58:02 -0700 References: <> Dear Robert, Thank you for the offer, I would like to obtain a copy of the jpeg that you have. I attempted to scan the one from the Melville book that I have but the spine is just too fragile. I paid a great deal of $$ for this book and don't want to add to it's wear and tear if I can help it. It has some wonderful photographs from England however. Shawn "Robert L. Ward" wrote: > Bruce, > > At 09:59 PM 6/4/01 -0400, Bruce29 -at- wrote: > > >I have seen a Whitney crest in a book, but it was a very poor reproduction > >and virtually useless. Does anyone have a copy of a Whitney crest and/or > >motto? > > > >Bruce29 -at- > > I have a copy of the coat of arms, crest, and motto, in a .jpeg format file. > Write me if you want a copy. > > All should be aware that this coat of arms only applies to the WHITNEY > family of Whitney, Herefordshire, and their direct descendants. None of the > three early immigrant ancestors can be connected to this family at present. > > Regards, > > Robert > > Robert L. Ward > Whitney Research Group > <a href=""></a> > rlward -at-

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