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From: janwhit -at- (Jan Whitaker) Subject: [WHITNEY-L] travel in Lexington Date: Sun, 5 Aug 2001 08:04:09 -0500 Hi! There are "limo" services for hire in the area, to and from the airport. They are almost always large vans[15 or more passengers]and they pickup and deliver to your door. It's " the best thing since sliced bread" we think. They run about $40.pp a trip with perhaps less if more than two per party[man and wife]... I don't know if they drive to and from other locations. Taxi's from the airport can be very expensive..with drivers who don't speak or understand English very well. I would offer driving and even housing but I don't drive in and out of Boston and I have a very small house with the guest room filled with books, desk, computer and piles of notebooks and papers..sound familiar to anyone?  :-) If you rent a car at the airport, then getting in and out would be the great challenge. When you want to get around to the sites in the Lexington/ Concord area...that will be easy. As for getting to Watertown, that will be convenient, minutes down Route 2. If you want to go to "the city" then drive Rte 2 to the Alewife Brook Station in Cambridge, park your car and take the "T" to Harvard Square, or Boston. There are also trains running from Concord to Boston's North Station[ with stops in Lincoln, Waltham and Cambridge], where you get the "T". An alternative to flying into Boston is to fly in to Manchester NH airport and rent a car. That would be about an hour and a half drive to Lexington. Cheaper to fly Southwest into Manchester[many other lines fly there, too]. Many people doing that to avoid Logan and Boston traffic. Then there are some small airlines flying in and out of Hanscom Field Bedford, which is so close to the Sheraton , it's only minutes away! Jan

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