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From: "Jeanne Muse" <jwmuse -at-> Subject: [WHITNEY-L] Additions/Corrections to WITNEY15.GED Date: Sun, 19 Aug 2001 13:54:41 -0400 Dear WRG: I am in the process of comparing our newest John & Elinor database, WITNEY15, with my "personal collection". Because Witney15 is so large now, the best I can do is work on my own line and submit any additions or corrections. (I hope everyone else will verify their lines too and send any corrections to Jon Aston for the next update.) Much of this is from Heywood's "History of Westminster", which is transcribed on our web site. Abner Whitney (son of Samuel and Abigail (Fletcher) Whitney) -- 1st wife Elizabeth GLAZIER was born 20 Nov. 1779 Lancaster, Worcester Co., Mass.; christened 7 Jan 1750. Her parents: John GLAZIER was born 05 Feb 1709/10 Lancaster m. Esther (--?--) on 8 Nov 1738 in Lancaster. -- 2nd wife Levinah GLAZIER married her 1st husband, Jonas WARD on 9 Mar 1770. Her parents: Joseph GLAZIER was born 17 May 1719, Lancaster; d. 27 Aug 1777 Vermont; m. 15 Oct 1744 in Shrewsbury, Eunice NEWTON b. 25 Feb 1730 Shrewsbury Children of Abner and Elizabeth (GLAZIER) Whitney: Levi Whitney (their 3rd child who was b. 1 Jan 1777 in Westminster) married there on 15 Oct 1799 Rebecca WARREN who was b. 28 Feb 1775 in Westminster. (Pierce p147 calls her Phebe) Children of Abner and Levinah (GLAZIER) Whitney: Jonas Ward Whitney (1780-1826) His wife Phebee RAND was b. 24 Nov 1781 in Westminster; d. 4 Dec 1835 Westminster. She was the dau. of Zachariah RAND (b. 18 Aug 1752 Westminster) and Jerusha SAWYER. (I will send their family data to Jon Aston because I have more descendants for their son George W. and their dau. Lucy Ann Whitney) Joseph Glazier Whitney (1783-1868) married Levinah DUNN (banns filed 14 Sep; intentions 6 Oct 1805 Westminster). She was b. 10 Jan 1789, Westminster; d. 24 Jun 1875 Westminster, daug. of John DUNN (c.1762-1832) and Molly (Polly) PUFFER (1763-1857). Joseph Glazier and Levinah (Dunn) Whitney had 7 children. (I will send their family data to Jon Aston for the next update to this database.) Elizabeth Whitney (1785- ) married in Westminster on 1 Dec 1808 Lorey BARNES, who was b. 1 Jun 1787 Westminster and d. 15 Aug 1825 in Troy, Rensselaer Co., New York. He was the son of Francis BARNES (c1753-1813) and Hannah SAVAGE (c1754-1849). [Heywood p533-534 'had 7 chn."] Dolly (Dolley) Whitney b. 26 Oct 1791 Westminster; she died 2 Apr 1884 in Westminster 'a. 93'. She married in Westminster on 27 Nov. 1806 Vinal S. DUNN, son of John DUNN (c1762-1832). Vinal was b. 18 Oct 1785 possibly in Bolton, Mass., and died 3 Dec 1866 'a. 81' Abel Whitney b. 14 May 1793 Westminster. He died 18 Apr 1852 in Westminster, unmarried. The last 2 children of Abner and Levinah (Glazier) Whitney contained in Witney15 - Emily S. Whitney and Levinah Whitney - are assigned to the wrong family. They were the daughters of Abner WHITNEY (1808-1874) and Levinah G. WHITTEMORE (1809- ), grandchildren of Joseph Glazier and Levinah (Dunn) Whitney and great-grandchildren of Abner and Levinah (Glazier) Whitney. Emily S. Whitney's record is misprinted in the Ashburnham VRs and that the date shown in the deaths is actually her birth - Jan 11, 1832. Heywood [p. 921] states she married Albert E. WHITMAN and they resided in Ashburnham. Levinah died at 'a. 13 m.' on 21 Aug 1837, making her birth circa July 1836. Other family changes, if any, will be sent in subsequent emails. Jon Aston (MRJ79 -at- ATT.NET) -- expect to here from me with the above Gedcoms. Jeanne (Whitney) Muse 7th great granddaughter of Abner and Elizabeth (Glazier) Whitney jwmuse -at- ..

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