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From: Katehogen -at- Subject: Re: [WHITNEY-L] Arthur Whitney, b. 1871 Conn Date: Wed, 10 Oct 2001 23:28:20 EDT In the 1850 Census there is a Noble Whitney age 13 living within the Sherman Scott family. 1850 CT Census Index Page 213 Name State County Location Year Roll Page Whitney, Noble CT Fairfield Co. Wilton 1850 38 121 Schedule I-Free Inhabitants in Wilton in the county of Fairfeild State of Conn enumerated by my on the 12th day of Jne (?) 1850 by me Jos. P? 230 243 Sherman Scott 54 M Framer 3,000 b: Conn Hannah " 50 F b: NY 244 Hartford " 27 M b: Conn Ann E. " 27 F b: Conn Noble Whitney 13 M b: Conn Might be a clue. Good Luck. Sincerely, Kate Surname Index Abbot(t), Archer, Arden, Aslebe or Aslett, Baskerville, Beamsley, Benjamin, Benjamis, Blaney, Bowman, Bragg(e), Bray, Brazier, Brooks, Brown(e), Van Brugh, Burrill or Burrell, Chenery, Clap(p), Clark, Colburn(e), Devere(a)u(x), Dolling, Dummer Ellis, Eveleth or EVELEIGH, Fairebanke Fairbank, Fairbanks, ffrie Frie, Frye, Fisher, Fisk(e), Flower, Flynt or Flint, French, Fuller Gamblin, Gamlin or Gamlyn, Garnish, Gawroger, Good(e)now, Gookin, Grant, Graves, Grazebrook, Guillims or Duglim, Guy Hamant, Hanlon, Harding, Haynes, Henchman, Hinkesman, Hoar(e) Hogenson, Holmes, Holt, Hull, Hunt, Hunting Jasper, Jochemse, de Kay, Keene, King, Knightly Lewis Marriott, Metcalf(e), Moller, Morgenroth, Morse Norcross, Nubury or NUBERY Palmer, Pares, Parker, Peters, Phillips, (Potts, Petts, Peat or Peet) Platt Quincy, Randolph, Rebelle, Reynolds, Richards, Robbins, Roehm, Roeloff, Roundy Sewall, Sewell or Shewell, Shattuck, Sherman, Silvester or Sylvester, Smith, Staats, Stancliffe, Stanley, Stone, Storer Tainter, Taynter, Tiemroth, de Trieux Waide, Walley, Wendell, Whitehead, Whitney, Wight, Willet, Woods

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