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From: "Robert L. Ward" <rlward1 -at-> Subject: Re: [WHITNEY-L] Sarah Ann Whitney, dau. of Newell K. Date: Sun, 25 Nov 2001 11:10:03 -0500 In-Reply-To: <005601c175ab$8d9fc4c0$84c9c0d8@enduser> Dear WRG, At 07:15 AM 11/25/01 -0500, Jeanne Muse wrote: >Dear WRG: FYI. Jeanne > >----- Original Message ----- >From: Frank Young fjyoung -at- >To: jwmuse -at- >Sent: Saturday, November 24, 2001 5:48 PM >Subject: Sarah Ann Whitney > >Dear Jeanne, > >I have a pamphlet you really should read. The title is "The Strange >Marriages of Sarah Ann Whitney to Joseph Smith the Mormon Prophet, Joseph >C. Kingsbury and Heber C. Kimball." Sarah Ann was a daughter of Newell K. >Whitney, and I don't find her on the Whitney website. > >If you would consider sending me a US mail address, I'd be happy to send a >print of the brief booklet. If not - I will understand, I don't like to >tell strangers anything - it's available for a couple of bucks at Utah >Lighthouse Ministry in Salt Lake City. Phone is 801 / 485-8894. > >I'm sure you'll find it interesting and informative. > >Best regards, >Frank Young Newel Kimball-8 WHITNEY [Samuel-7, Samuel-6, Samuel-5, Nathaniel-4, Nathaniel-3, John-2, John-1] can be found at <<a href=""></a>; and his daughter Sarah Ann-9 in his family group as #7111. There it mentions her marriage to Heber C. KIMBALL, but not the other marriages. Her biography can also be found at <<a href=""></a>;, where it mentions her sealing to Joseph SMITH as well as her marriage to Heber Chase KIMBALL. If you would be willing, you can send a copy of the booklet to me for inclusion on the WRG web site, copyright permitting. Regards, Robert Mr. Robert L. Ward 12236 Shadetree Lane, Laurel, MD 20708-2832 301-776-1659 rlward1 -at- <a href=""></a>

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