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Mailing List Archives > 2001-12-07 03, Fw: (Can-Ont-Simcoe) Post 1901 Census -- Town Hall Meetings, by Shelley Whitney Giles

From: "Jared and/or Shelley Giles" <jaeg -at-> Subject: [WHITNEY-L] Fw: [Can-Ont-Simcoe] Post 1901 Census -- Town Hall Meetings Date: Fri, 7 Dec 2001 14:46:43 -0700 Hi all, Since I forwarded the last email in regards to these meetings concerning the Census Bill - here is the list of Places, Times and Dates they are to be held. ----- Original Message ----- From: Gordon A. Watts <gordon_watts -at-> To: <CAN-ONT-SIMCOE-L -at-> Sent: Friday, December 07, 2001 1:58 PM Subject: [Can-Ont-Simcoe] Post 1901 Census -- Town Hall Meetings Greetings All. I have received a list of times and dates of most of the Town Hall Meetings for expressing opinions regarding public access to Post 1901 Census records. (Their ad mentions only the 1906 and 1911 Census') There appears to be fewer meetings than expected, and if I learn of others I will post that information as soon as I get it. I copy the list of meetings below. It appears that anyone wishing to speak on the subject will be given a 15 minute time slot in which to do so. As sessions are slated to last two hours, this means that a maximum of 8 speakers will have the opportunity to speak in each session -- 16 speakers maximum in each location. Practically speaking, with administration overhead time required for each session the numbers of speakers may be reduced if they stick strictly to the two hour time period for each session. Presenters, in either English or French, will be chosen on a first come, first serve basis. Regardless of what location you will attend, if you wish to speak to the issue, contact Environics NOW -- TODAY to inform them of your desire to speak. If you wait you will be unlikely to obtain a spot to speak. Contact them by telephone at 613-230-5089 or by email at censusconsultations -at- I have already sent my request to be a speaker at the Vancouver meeting. I am advised that for those not wishing to speak, but who wish to attend the meetings, there will be room for spectators. We hope that there will be a good attendance at all of these meeting to show that we are interested in what happens at them. I would appreciate being informed by those who are accepted as speakers as to where and when they will be speaking. So that the greatest possible number of people can be made aware of these meetings, please circulate this message to others, and forward it to other mail lists. Happy Hunting. Gordon A. Watts gordon_watts -at- Co-Chair, Canada Census Committee Port Coquitlam, BC <a href=""></a> en fran├žais <a href=""></a> Permission to forward without notice is granted. OTTAWA, ONTARIO December 14th, 2-4pm & 6-8pm Marriott Residence Inn 161 Laurier Ave. HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA January 7th, 2-4pm & 6-8pm The Westin Nova Scotian 1181 Hollis St. TORONTO, ONTARIO January 9th, 2-4pm & 6-8pn Crowne Plaza Toronto Centre 225 Front St. West MONTREAL, QUEBEC January 11th, 2-4pm & 6-8pm Renaissance Montreal Hotel 3625 Avenue du Parc FREDERICTON, NEW BRUNSWICK January 14th, 2-4pm & 6-8pm Fort Beaverbrook Hotel 659 Queen Street CHARLOTTETOWN, P.E.I. January 16th, 2-4pm & 6-8pm Delta Prince Edward 18 Queen St. ST. JOHN'S NEWFOUNDLAND January 18th, 2-4pm & 6-8pm The Fairmont Newfoundland Cavendish Square REGINA, SASKATCHEWAN January 25th, 2-4pm & 6-8pm The Regina Inn 1975 Broad Street EDMONTON, ALBERTA January 28th, 2-4pm & 6-8pm The Westin Hotel 10135-100 Street VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA February 4th, 2-4pm & 6-8pm Century Plaza Hotel and Spa 1015 Burrard St. ============================== Visit for a FREE 14-Day Trial and enjoy access to the #1 Source for Family History Online. Go to: <a href=""></a>

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