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From: Chris Branagan <dunmore -at-> Subject: [WHITNEY-L] Re: hi Date: Sun, 30 Dec 2001 08:05:48 -0500 References: <> Good Morning Jon, You should try the Whitney Research Group website at There are all the Watertown names listed and you may have better luck finding some that look familiar. If not, then maybe your branch has not yet been documented and you would consider submitting information to make the list more complete. The Whitney Research Group Reunion 2002 has two purposes: 1. To share scholarly research done on the Whitney family including the branches of John and Elinor, Henry, Samuel and the Canadian Whitneys. 2. To allow the members of the Whitney Research Group to get to know one another better. My hope is that the Reunion will offer something for every researcher, so that all can come away feeling they learned something and firmed up friendships. Much of what is in the program will depend on what the membership would like to see. You may have noticed Lyn's message regarding program planing earlier this week. If you plan to come to the Reunion, we will start making our reservations at the Sheraton Inn in Lexington Ma in a couple of weeks. Watch the Whitney L list for more information. I hope to see you in August. from, Carolyn Jon Whitney wrote: >I'm a Whitney in Arlington MA with known ancestors in Leominster and other >eastern MA cities. I'm pretty sure my grandfather's mother traced our >family back to Watertown in the 1600s but I don't see any recognizable >names anywhere on the website. > >What sorts of things would people go to the Family Reunion for? I really >don't know many other Whitneys and like probably others, I'm curious to >know who I'm related/connected to/whatever.... > > >thanks > >Jon > >

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