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From: "Jo Hogle" <jhogle -at-> Subject: Re: [WHITNEY-L] RE: Reunion Program Date: Sun, 30 Dec 2001 12:15:35 -0600 References: <> My "votes" for the program are as follows: 1. Robert and Allan discussing Whitney families 2. Tour of Watertown 9. Robert lecturing on documenting sources I am very much interested in Jan Whitaker's offer to put together maps and lists of locations in towns around the area that are prominent in Whitney history. But I am thinking this is something that could be put together for use by the attendees without being part of the program. It might even be something that could be put together inexpensively into a booklet and sold for a slight profit to help with the cost of the reunion. It would be a great tool for those folks who wanted to take time to visit other areas since most of us have Whitney families that extend beyond Watertown. Another part of the program I think is essential is a discussion about FUTURE reunions. If we make this an annual or at least periodic event, we may want to establish ground rules, an ongoing committee, and even a treasurer to manage the funds in a separate account (could have 2 signatures required for security). Then we could go about some fundraising activities that would help with the future costs. I know this suggestion is late but having been gone, I am just catching up on mail and missed the requests for suggestions. Besides, Jan's idea triggered the "fundraising" idea. Or the funds from the booklet might help offset the monthly cost of the WRG website. My 2 cents worth Jo Hogle

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