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From: "Jeanne Muse" <jwmuse -at-> Subject: [WHITNEY-L] More Lee-Oatman Cemetery Whitneys Date: Thu, 17 Jan 2002 09:24:36 -0500 Dear WRG: Marion Walter (mwalter -at- wrote this to me. Jeanne Upon checking the book by Margaret Jenks, the last page I sent you which included Joshua's stone were records of stones found by Mr Goodspeed but missing from the cemetery in 1991-1992 when Margaret recorded the stones in that cemetery. From 1902-1924 Mr Goodspeed copied most of the gravestones in Granville. His hand written notebooks may be found at the Washington County, NY Historical Society. The following Whitney's are also buried in the Lee Oatman Cemetery Parker, Asa, Nov 18, 1790- Nov 24, 1878 Laura Whitney, wife of Asa, March 17, 1797-Aug 21, 1887 (Goodspeed: dau of Cornelius and Sarah (Cady) Whitney Whitney, Jamie Oct 10, 1885-June 29, 1886 Whitney, Emily, dau of Joseph & Apamia d. Nov 4, 1882 age 52 y Whitney, William P son of J & A d. April 7, 1849 age 14-10-9 Whitney, Joseph, son of Joseph d. Spet 15, 1840 age 47 y 8m Whitney, David, June 30, 1812-Jan 7, 1898 Goodspeed: son of Isaac. He had Charles, Willard and Alonzo, married 50 years a few days before his death. Mary, wife of David. Nov 24, 1810-Dec 31, 1886 Goodspeed: Mary Woodell, dau of Joseph Woodell McDonal, Harriett E. Whitney, wife of Wm died Oct 13, 1887 age 47y Goodspeed: dau of Willard & Lydia Whitney McDonal, William 1832-1909 134 NY Co H McDonal, Julia A. Whitney, wife 1842-1916 Pierce, Samuel E. d. April 5, 1833 age 28 y Goodspeed: He married Armina, dau of Parley Whitney and Zeruah Gould and died about a year after the marriage. (Margaret Jenks book page 153 from scanned image. Some of the numbers are blurry.) WHEELER, Emmela (WHITNEY), dau. of Joseph & Sarah (Butcher), d. Dec. 25, 1882 age 67-2-4 WHITNEY, Adeline, dau. of Benjamin (Cady) & Betsey (Merchant), d. Oct. 22, 182(4 or 9) in 2nd y. (Benj. son of Cornelius and Sarah (Cady) WHITNEY) WHITNEY, Apamia (Gould), wife of Joseph, dau. of Capt. Ebenezer, d. May 12, 1854 age 60 y. WHITNEY, Eddie G., son of Joseph & Sarah (Beecher), d. March 28, 1866 age 12-10-22 WHITNEY, Elsie E., dau. of J. & S., d. March 19, 1866 age 2-(2 or 7)-8 WHITNEY, Emma V., dau. of J. & S., d. Feb. 19, 1866 age 3-2-20 WHITNEY, Fannie T., dau. of J & S., d. Oct. 19, 1848 age 18 m. 26 d. WHITNEY, James B., son of J. & A., d. Feb. 12, 1866 age 9-1-11 WHITNEY, Joseph, son of Joseph & Apamia, d. Feb. 24, 1865 in 43rd y. WHITNEY, Joshua, d. Dec. 4, 1811 age 88 y. 4 d. WHITNEY, Lecta, dau. of J. & S., d. June 30, 1862 age 17 y. 2 m. WHITNEY, Marcenia E., dau. of J. & S., d. May 21, 1866 age 11 y. 22 d. WHITNEY, Noah, son of Willard & Lydia, d. Jan. 19, 1842 age 3 y.

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