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From: DebnDal -at- Subject: [WHITNEY-L] Phoebe Whitney Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2002 10:28:34 EST While researching my Whitney line I came across this reference to a Phoebe Whitney of Vermont and this article is about one of her decendents. Maybe this will help someone: NEWEL K. WRIGHT and SON, contractors and builders of Dallas, have erected some of the principal buildings of this city, among which may be mentioned the Third Ward School, three churches, the Jones building, Ryan building, and many others. They also erected the Dilley residence of Maple avenue. They employ on an average ten or fifteen men the year around, and do an extensive business. Newel K. Wright was born in Franklin county, Vermont, in 1833, a son of Benjamin and Phoebe (Whitney) Wright, natives, also of Vermont. The father moved to Minnesota in 1866, where he died ten years later. Newel K. Wright left home in 1852 and went to St. Paul, Minneapolis, where he worked at his trade. In 1861 he enlisted in the First Minneapolis Regiment for three months, and at the expiration of that time he returned to St. Paul, in 1862 went to Peoria, Illinois, and engaged in contracting and building, and in 1876 came to Dallas. Mr. Wright was married in St. Paul, in 1855, to Mary E. Hunter, a native of Indiana, and daughter of William F. Hunter, who went to Minnesota in 1852, and remained there until his death in 1873. Mr. and Mrs. Wright had three children: 1. Lewis R. Wright, who has been connected with his father in business since 1886. L. R. Wright who is associated with his father in business, spent two years studying architecture, and the firm is now prepared to draw their own specifications. He drew the plans for thirty-five buildings built by the firm in 1890. 2. Wiley Wright, a Presbyterian minister of Mishawaka, Indiana 3. Jennie Wright, at home. The parents are members of the Presbyterian Church at Dallas, and socially, Mr. Wright is a member of Tannehill Lodge, A. F. & A. M., and was a Mason in Minnesota in 1854, is a member of George H. Thomas Post, No. 6, G. A. R., of Dallas. Politically, he affiliates with the Republican party. After the above was written Newel K. Wright departed this life, November 11, 1891. His sickness, heart-failure, dates from February, 1891, when he was prostrated with an attack of la grippe. He was buried under the auspices of the Masonic order. - Memorial & Biographical History of Dallas County, Texas, 1892, pp. 457-458. - o o o -

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