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From: "Noreen" <neroots -at-> Subject: [WHITNEY-L] The Goodells/Goodales Date: Thu, 31 Jan 2002 14:15:40 -0500 Hi George, Its always a pleasure to hear from another Whitney descendant as well as a fellow Vermonter! Do you live in Vermont now? I was born in Northfield where I lived until age 5 from then on I was raised in Underhill,Vt. I've lived in Burlington since 1978. As far as I know none of the first Whitney boys (the sons of Benjamin Whitney) who came to settle in Tunbridge in 1791 were named Jonathan . But then I could be wrong on both counts as I've tended to focus primarily on my gggg Abel and a little bit on 2 of his brothers David & Aaron,probably because David and some of his descendants houses and barns are still standing in Tunbridge and because I saw David and Aaron's graves on my visit to Tunbridge. As for Betsy Goodell/Goodale I wish I could tell you something but I know nothing about her. I do know that many Parkers married into the Tunbridge Whitneys. For instance Betsy Parker married Aaron Whitney and David Whitney's son Benjamin married Sibbel Parker and another of his other sons ,David Jr.,married Lydia Parker. david's,Abel's and Aaron's father Benjamin was married four times too and I am decesended from his first wife Mary Turner. I'd guess that Jonathan arrived sometime after 1791 and was some relation of Leiut. Benjamin Whitney and his sons who came from Pepperell, Mass. to settle his lands in Tunbridge.Perhaps he was one of the descendants of the the Whitney brothers who first came to Tunbridge. Perhaps Fred Farnham Whitney's book could answer this question better than I can. The WRG has excerpts from the book and I copied my information from the book at the University of Vermotn. I can't recall whether or not I copied the entire book or not as its been so long since I did it. I'll look through what I did copy and see if I turn up anything for you on these 2 people and if I don't then I'll try to find some time to stop in at the University oF VT and check the book out for you okay? I've also seen a 2 volume book on the history of Royalton at the special collections of UVM and there is mention of Luther Goodell and Harriet Byam Goodell, who were the parents of Rosina Goodell Whtiney. (There are other references to some of my other lines, for example Chase. When I was there last fall I came across this book as the library was about to close and haven't had time to go back since but I plan to do so in the near future as I may uncover more about 1 or more of my lines. I can look up your Betsy Goodell.Goodale in the history of Royalton book while I'm there for you. Sorry I can't be of any more help than this at the moment but will try to take some time and see if I can turn up anything for you. Hopefully we can stay in contact s one of us might give the other some insight sometime down the road since we're both interested in the Vermont Whitney lines. Your "Cousin", Noreen Maloney LaTour Burlington, VT

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