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Mailing List Archives > 2002-02-01 01, Re: Reunion 2002, by Allan E. Green

From: ALLAGREEN -at- Subject: Re: [WHITNEY-L] Reunion 2002 Date: Fri, 1 Feb 2002 01:21:19 EST Lynn: Barring serious health problems, Virginia and I will be there and will be happy to send a check for our two sets of meals whenever you need it. We will also make our reservations with the Hotel and guarantee them on the usual basis with a credit card. If something happens and we can't come, we can cancel those, but would settle for letting our meal packages go to some latecomers who hadn't prepaid. I'm certain that we will have our $1000 deposit prepaid on the food. However, for future reference, won't all meals taken at the hotel by children and day trippers be counted up in the end so that the hotel will realize the full total of food and drink sold as a result of our presence. This may help if we ever come back another year. As always, many, many thanks for all the work the "committee" has done in making the plans and preparations for this event. Sincerely, Allan E. Green

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