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From: HASBENN -at- Subject: [WHITNEY-L] Clara, daughter of Edwin Whitney Date: Sun, 10 Mar 2002 16:40:25 EST Here is a bio that has a Whitney connection. Anyone know who Senator Whitney was? > O. B. Courtwright began the practice of law at Parkersburgh in 1878. Mr. > Courtwright was born in DeKalb county, Illinois, in 1849; he removed to > Rockford, in his native State, and thence to Grundy county, Iowa, with his > parents, in 1859. His father, C. G. Courtwright, came to Parkersburgh in > 1876, and removed to Kansas in November, 1879, and now lives in Clay county > of this State. O. B. returned to Rockford, where he attended school for a > time, then entered upon the classical course at Beloit College, Wisconsin, > where he remained for three years, pursuing his legal studies at the same > time. > . > After the completion of his college course he went to Nebraska, where he > remained about two years, and then returned to Iowa and purchased what was > then known as the Ackley “Independent,” and changed the name of the paper > to the Ackley “Enterprise,” by which name it is still known. He conducted > the paper for a year and a half. > . > He was admitted to the practice of his profession at Judge Rudick’s court, > in Butler county, in 1877. He located in Parkersburgh and engaged in > practice, but on account of ill health discontinued in January, 1881, and > removed to Nebraska, but returned in August, 1882, and resumed his > practice. His wife was Clara D., daughter of Edwin Whitney, who is a > brother of Senator Whitney, of Illinois. Mrs. Courtwright was born in the > latter State. They have one son, named Dale. > . > Source: History of Butler and Bremer Counties, Iowa > Union Publishing Co., Springfield, IL, 1883 > Page 344 > > >

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