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From: "Robert L. Ward" <rlward1 -at-> Subject: Re: [WHITNEY-L] Lee, Sherman, and Grant WHITNEY Date: Tue, 12 Mar 2002 23:11:43 -0500 In-Reply-To: <> All, At 08:48 PM 3/12/02 -0500, Jimwhitney1716 -at- wrote: >Dear J.F. George: > >1880 U.S. Census, 2nd Ward, Coldwater, Branch, Michigan, T9-0573, p. 579C >William WHITNEY 46 Self M M W NY >Occ: Laborer FA: CT MO: CT Anna WHITNEY > 39 Wife F M W OH Occ: Keeping House FA: > CT > MO:CT Grant WHITNEY 11 Son M S > W IL > Occ: School FA: NY MO: OH Lee >WHITNEY 9 Son M S W MI Occ: >School FA: NY MO: OH Guy WHITNEY > 7 Son M S W MI Occ: School FA: > NY > MO: OH Santee WHITNEY 4 Son M S > W MI > Occ: School FA: NY MO: OH > > >I believe here is your family. The source is the WRG websites census index >for 1880. >Drop me a note if you need more help. > >James E. Whitney, II >Atlanta The above family is treated in S. Whitney Phoenix, _The Whitney Family of Connecticut_, vol. 2, p. 1121. Chil. of William Alfred and Anna Amanda (Fellows) Whitney. 7065 I. Grant Charles Whitney, b. at Chicago, Ill., 17 Jan. 1869. 7066 II. Lee John Whitney, b. at Lansing township, Mich., 8 Feb. 1871. 7067 III. Guy William Whitney, b. at Lansing City, Mich., 1 March 1873. 7068 IV. Santee Fellows Whitney, b. at Ellisburgh, N. Y., 18 May 1876. William Alfred Whitney appears at vol. 1, p. 468, which has been transcribed, and his account can be found at this address: <<a href=""></a>;. From there you can follow his paternal line of descent: William Alfred-7 WHITNEY (John-6, Samuel-5, John-4, Henry-3, John-2, Henry-1). There are also two further WHITNEY descents: William Alfred-7 (Polly-6 WHITNEY, William-5, Richard-4, Henry-3, John-2, Henry-1), and William Alfred-7, John-6, Mary ST. JOHN, Mark, Anna-3 WHITNEY, John-2, Henry-1). There were two second-cousin marriages in this family, as you will be able to figure out from the above.

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