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From: "Jeanne Muse" <jwmuse -at-> Subject: [WHITNEY-L] Donald Whitney of Mattawamkeag, Maine Date: Wed, 20 Mar 2002 06:22:46 -0500 On 17 Mar 2002, Glenda Stadley cherokeeskys -at- wrote: Hello, My name is Glenda Vance Stadley, and I am researching the Whitney family because I have two adopted brothers who live in Maine whose surnames are Whitney. Donald Geary and Frederick Russell Whitney. Circa : births late 1930's. Their mother adopted me and my two full brothers from a later marriage with my father after he passed away. Oddly enough, She lived in Mattawamkeag Maine as I was growing up in the late 1960's. The boys were much older than I. They found their father recently in the past decade I believe, after being estranged all their lives. They were raised separately by various relatives. I have lost contact as well. I am wondering if there could be a connection to your Donald Whitney Mattawamkeag Family? Thank you for your time, Glenda <a href=""></a> Remember Yesterday, Focus on Today, and Anticipate Tomorrow ----------------------- Dear Glenda: The information on Donald Whitney of the Mattawamkeag and Penobscot River areas in Maine, son of Henry L. WHITNEY and Alethea STAPLE, was sent to me from John Hrusovszky (jayjay -at- about 2 years ago and included in the "Unconnected Whitneys" database, which I maintain. It appears that Donald Whitney may have been born in the late 1890s according to the scant information John had at that time. I am sending a copy of this message to John as well as to the Whitney Research Group email list. Hopefully someone will reply to you directly, since I have no further data. Good Luck! Jeanne (Whitney) Muse jwmuse -at- --------------------------------------------------- Now Researching: WHITNEY, REGNIER, GOLDSMITH <a href=""></a> ---------------------------------------------------

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