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From: "Mary Ann Froelich" <maryannf -at-> Subject: [WHITNEY-L] WHITNEY entries in Walpole, NH cemetery book Date: Sat, 23 Mar 2002 20:06:48 -0600 To Robert L. Ward: On Jan. 20th you requested that I send a copy of the WHITNEY entries in the Walpole, NH cemetery book to this mailing list. Here they are: WHITNEY, Adaline, wife of Joseph FISHER, 1822-1904 (p. 56) WHITNEY, Henry, d. Feb. 10, 1866, age 68-x-x (pp. 44,103) WHITNEY, Lewis, 1838-1928 (p. 45) BELLOWS, Lois WHITNEY, daughter of Captain Salmon WHITNEY of Littleton, MA, and wife of Col. Joseph (BELLOWS), d. Mar. 26, 1834, age 90-6-x (p. 48) TWITCHELL, SALLY, wife of Henry WHITNEY, d. Aug. 20, 1877, age 84-x-x (p. 45) GASSETT, Sarah C. (WHITNEY), wife of George H., d. May 19, 1892, age 73-x-x (p. 1) These entries are from A Guide to the Monuments & Headstones in the Cemeteries of Walpole., NH, Volume II. Village Cemetery by Charles Byron Wright He has other books on all the cemeteries of Walpole. I believe there are five cemeteries, a volume on each of them, then there is a volume that contains the master index to all. Henry WHITNEY and Sally TWITCHELL WHITNEY were my gr-gr-grandparents. We have family records that show Henry had two brothers named Stephen and Nathan. We don't know his birthdate, his place of birth, or his parents. Sally TWITCHELL (Sallie, TWICHELL) married Henry WHITNEY in Athol, MA (Vital Records of Athol, MA) on Dec. 28, 1820 (also from the Vital Records of Athol). We are also searching for her parents, bithdate, and place of birth. Henry and Sally WHITNEY had 4 children we know of according to family records: 1. Sarah WHITNEY, who married D. BROOKS 2. Sylvester Henry WHITNEY, (b. 7-23-1830, d. 1-27-1907) who married Sarah E. DOWNS (b. 3-22-1837, d. 7-23-1919) Sylvester Henry was my gr-grandfather, he and Sarah (who was from Illinois originally) were living in Benton County, Iowa for some time and eventually moved to Harrisonville, MO, where both are buried. They had 4 sons and 4 daughters. 3. Charles Augustus Whitney 4. Lewis Franklin Whitney (what we think we know is that Lewis remained single; he did live out his life in Walpole). I hope this information can help someone, I also am hoping I can get some leads on our Henry and Sally. We have worked on this but seem to come to dead ends. I enjoy the Whitney list but would like to find my connection somewhere. Thank you. Mary Ann (WHITNEY) Froelich

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